Timberlane offers a wide range of maintenance-free shutter and garage door products. Their offerings have been a quality benchmark for clients since 1995, when the manufacturer first began its direct-to-customer experience. Thousands of customers have enjoyed Timberlane’s wide selection of shutter and related hardware for period-style homes.

Available Products

Timberlane is a top manufacturer of custom-made exterior shutters and garage doors in the United States. Their customizable, historically precise styles are available in more than forty varieties that use premium quality wood and exceptional Endurian® material.

Timberlane Shutters

Timberlane’s high-quality custom exterior shutters come in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and materials. Trade professionals and homeowners alike have access to a range of designs and options that ensure the uniqueness of your shutters. Timberlane’s streamlined customer experience will satisfy any client looking for the perfect shutters, from choosing a material to picking out its paint shade and adding customized fixtures.

Materials And Styles

The materials that customers can choose include composite wood, premium wood, and maintenance-free Endurian® varieties. Endurian® shutters are made of PVC and brilliantly mimic the designs and characteristics that traditional wood shutters typically display. Timberlane’s dedication to quality and attention to detail has earned it a place among the industry’s most respected names.

The shutter styles include panel, louver, board and batten shutters, Bermuda, and any combination of these varieties. Their shutters are customizable, so you can choose a style that reflects your taste and goes well with your house’s exterior. You can select the board’s thickness and width to ensure that the shutter exactly matches the architecture.

Colors, Finishes, And Customization

Timberland’s custom color and premium finish options allow you the opportunity for further customization. Their premium finishes include 24 shades, so you’ll find a suitable color whether you’re going for a bold or traditional look. You can also opt for their custom color-matching service if you’d like a shade that’s outside their premium palette options.

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, Timberlane’s shutter stain options are ideal for your house. Their wood stain techniques enhance the look of your exterior shutters and call attention to the details of Timberlane’s high-quality woods. Their stains comprise six hues that range in intensity from Light Oak to Ebony.

You can further customize your shutters using Timberlane’s cutout designs, shutter capping, and additional configuration options to achieve a truly distinctive look.

Timberlane Garage Doors

Timberlane offers customers hand-crafted garage doors that enhance your house’s exterior and match your unique style and vision. Whether you want a timeless trifold or carriage design or a more modern style, Timberland’s services will ensure your garage door’s aesthetic is in harmony with your house’s architecture.

Materials And Styles

Your garage door must have the right materials. Timberlane’s garage doors are made using three combinations of materials:

  • Vintage, which uses a wood overlay and insulated wood base
  • Fusion, which uses a wood overlay and insulated steel base
  • Luxcore, which uses a PVC overlay and insulated steel base.

These materials are hand-selected by a dedicated team of artisans. When you choose a Timberlane garage door, you’re opting for the highest-quality wood, steel, and PVC that offers you maximum strength and protection that lasts for years.

To customize your garage door, you have the same color and finish options as you do for Timberlane’s shutters. Whether you want a custom color or a stained finish that calls attention to your high-quality wood garage door, Timberlane can provide.

Decorative Hardware

You can display your creativity through Timberlane’s garage door hardware. Each piece is specially crafted to elevate the look of your garage door and house. The cast aluminum decorative hardware ensures long-lasting beauty through its corrosion- and weather-resistant nature.

Timberlane, Inc.—The Industry Standard For Shutters

Timberlane’s exclusive use of state-of-the-art materials and styles has made the brand synonymous with incredible quality. It’s used by some of the most influential and respected contractors, decorators, historians, and architects in the United States.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has formally endorsed Timberlane. Its products have been used to adorn prestigious academic institutions and historic sites. Timberlane shutters and garage doors are the top choice for customers who believe in the importance of detail and quality.

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