The fireplace is the heart and focal point of any room it’s installed in. Whether gas or wood burning, there’s something about the idea of a fire that automatically draws people right to fireplace and its surround.

With so many eyes upon it, it makes sense that you’ll want to create a fireplace surround that lives up to the expectations people have for it. And no matter what style your home is, there are few things that can complement a fireplace and create the focal point you’re looking for like stone veneer.

Natural stone comes in a wide range of colors and styles, any of which can be used as a veneer to create a beautiful and inspiring fireplace design. These 17 stone veneer fireplaces are sure to inspire you to complete your own fireplace dreams.

1. Subtle Texture

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 1

Field stone and textured fireplace surrounds make a beautiful statement in any room. Rather than blending a variety of colors, however, this stone veneer fireplace uses a single color of stone in several sizes to make a more subtle design. The cool color of the stones helps give the fireplace wall a slightly more updated look than typical rough-textured stones, bringing the look into the present day.

2. A Honed Statement

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 2

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Natural stone doesn’t need to be highly texturized to be beautiful. These honed bricks create a more contemporary design over this fireplace. The veneers have different depths to them, which helps keep the surround from being too flat, while allowing some natural shadows to darken areas of the surrounding, adding to its interest.

3. Dual-Sided Fireplace

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 3

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

In open format house plans, it can be difficult to place a fireplace and surround so that it gets the most use. This fireplace answers the problem beautifully by creating a dual-sided display with the glass enclosed fireplace at one end. The natural stone creates a substantial barrier between the two areas of the room, giving the entire wall a heavier look and a very different style than it would have otherwise.

4. Full Sized Surround

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 4

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Gas fireplace inserts are often a lot smaller than traditional wood-burning fireboxes are. For this reason, the surround is often also smaller in size to match. This doesn’t have to be the case however. This stone veneer surround not only encompasses the firebox, it extends all the way to the ceiling, dominating the room and calling even more attention to the area.

5. Black and White Beauty

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 5

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Not all stone is light-colored or soft in palette. This fireplace surround is made out of honed Nero – a black stone with white veins that creates a very eye-catching wall around the firebox. The black and white color of the stone gives you a lot of freedom to introduce other colors into the room’s design, while at the same time setting the stage for the room’s style.

6. Herringbone Planks

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 6

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

There are many misconceptions about what’s possible with stone and the looks it can create. This design breaks all the molds by installing the veneers in 6-inch by 24-inch planks in a herringbone pattern. The look is fresh, modern, and unexpected, while still understated in color, allowing it to blend in with many different decors.

7. Offset Planks

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 7

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

This surround uses similar planks, but in a completely different way to create a much more sleek and contemporary-looking surround. The dark color of the planks combined with their off-set pattern creates a dynamic look that dominates the room and draws every eye. This very contemporary fireplace design allows it to fit in with many decors that a traditional surround may fight with.

8. Subtle Creams

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 8

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

This more casual fireplace surround uses the same size and style of plank, but in a lighter, cream color. Combined with a room filled with similar tones, it makes for a much more understated design that is soothing to the eye as well as complementary to the room’s style. Homes that see a lot of natural light can make great use of this subtle color and style, as the stone naturally reflects any light back again.

9. Low-Lying Surround

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 9

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Many fireplaces today have surrounds that extend upwards to the ceiling. But that isn’t always the best use of the space in a room. This rough, sage-colored stone veneer extends horizontally around the surround, rather than vertically up the all. Inlaid with some storage spaces, the effect is natural and pleasing to the eye, but not dominating to the room. The cool green color of the stones complements the other colors nearby, but doesn’t fight for attention, allowing it to shine in unexpected ways.

10. Subtle Detail

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 10

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

One of the best things about natural stone and stone veneers is the versatility in laying the pieces. This classic-looking fireplace surround has some subtle detail above the firebox with the stones turned to create an arch and add a slightly more traditional look to the room. The mantel and hearth of the surround are kept simple, breaking up the texture of the surround with their sleek planes, and allowing the detail and texture of the stone to take center stage.

11. Multicolor Blend

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 11

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Stone has a lot of natural variation to it, both from lot to lot and within one lot. Sometimes embracing this variation can create a very dynamic and visually pleasing display, such as this large, multi-sided surround. The blend of colors in the stone bring a lot of shades that can be pulled out for use in the rest of the room’s design, giving you a naturally built in color palette.

12. Lights and Darks

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 12

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

You don’t need to stick to one color of stone when designing your surround. This outdoor fireplace really pops by using a light-colored stone just around the firebox while the rest of the wall is fitted in a darker colored stone of the same shape, size, and texture. The effect is very compelling and is an instant visual attraction. The lighter color really jumps out at you; ideal for those nighttime parties where a fire is not only desired, but beneficial to success.

13. Narrow Column Design

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 13

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Fireplaces don’t have to be large or take up the entire wall to be visually appealing or dynamic in style. This chiseled-stone fireplace is made up of a single column that you can walk right around. The smaller pieces of stone that make up the surround are the perfect size for the narrow column, allowing it to have interest, without visual noise.

14. Multiple Fireplaces

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 14

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

This office lounge has several fireplaces set into a single surround, rather than only one. The rich, red color of the stone that surrounds the fireboxes and makes up the wall is a beautiful complement to the flames themselves. The result is a warm and inviting area, even in a commercial building. By allowing the stone to wrap right around the wall, as well as around the fireboxes, it helps lead the eye into the room, and into the warmth.

15. A True Focal Point

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 15

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

The fireplace is always the focal point of the room, no matter where it’s installed, but in this case, there truly is no escaping it. Complemented by a stone veneer wall behind the couch, this fireplace takes centerstage right in the middle of the room, demanding attention from everyone nearby. The large slab surround matches the color of the wall nearby, while its texture adds a pleasing contrast that helps give the look dimension.

16. Tone on Tone Herringbone

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 16

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

Using a classic pattern on your fireplace design, such as a herringbone, doesn’t mean needing to create a boring style as well. This fireplace surround uses two colors of stone veneer pieced together in a herringbone to really make the pieces pop. The colors are similar enough that they don’t fight visually, but the darker gray pieces really stand out, giving the entire display a life and interest it might otherwise be lacking.

17. Classically Quiet Design

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs 17

(Image Source: Realstone Systems)

While it’s true that the fireplace is the focal point of any room, sometimes this is enough for the room’s design; you don’t need to call additional attention to the area as well. For this classic room, a stormy-gray roughly honed stone tile is used to surround the box in a more traditional surround. The quiet color and subtle texture of the stone complement the rest of the space, but without making a grand statement that might look out of place in the rest of the room’s setting.

Create a Better Fireplace Surround

Natural stone and fireplaces often go hand in hand. The two have been paired together for centuries, and with the versatility of natural stone, there’s no reason to stop now that more contemporary designs are popular as well. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, classic look or a dynamic and modern one, natural stone veneers are the perfect choice to get the look you want for your home. Consider outfitting your fireplace surround in stone veneers to get the perfect style and complement for your home.

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