The fireplace mantel is the most prominent focal point in the room, so it needs to match and enhance its surroundings. Therefore, a contemporary space needs a contemporary fireplace mantel that can turn anyone’s head.

Check out these 7 design ideas for incorporating a wooden mantel.

Wood Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

1. Rustic Wood Fireplace Mantel

Wood Fireplace Mantel

Industrial modern design often includes elements from former functions, being reused in new and innovative ways. This reclaimed mantel beam is the ideal addition to this type of style. At the same time, it’s also warm and inviting; the perfect complement to a fireplace area. It’s also simple enough to work in modern settings that keep decoration to a minimum. 

2. Fieldstone Complement

Wood Fireplace Mantel

Many contemporary homes make a fireplace surround that becomes the main focus of the room. This fieldstone surround is the biggest design element within the space, so it needs a mantel that can hold its own against it.

This simple modern fireplace mantel warms up the stone and makes the space more inviting. It also helps soften the sharp angles of the stone, adding just the right amount of contrast, while maintaining the natural look. 

3. Clean and Classic

Wood Fireplace Mantel

Many modern fireplace designs rely on simplicity to complete the style. This plain wood beam is perfect for the job. It contrasts the stone behind it perfectly, yet is still natural enough to blend in. this type of mantel is ideal for homes that need a more understated design, with a soft focus on the fireplace, rather than a statement.

4. Texture and Character

Wood Fireplace Mantel

Brick fireplaces have a lot of appeal. They also have a lot of texture and movement to contend with. This simple reclaimed wood fireplace mantel is the ideal way to complement that brick. The original saw marks and patina from its past use shine, perfectly matching the wear and texture of the bricks. 

5. Sturdy Statement Wood Fireplace Mantel

Wood Fireplace Mantel

This fireplace surround is created to be the single focal point within the room; everything points this way. So a simple, yet incredibly prominent mantel is necessary to match that level of focus. This reclaimed beam matches the brick behind it in style, while standing out against it with contrasting color. 

6. Industrial Shelf Style

Wood Fireplace Mantel

This fireplace has a lot of different industrial elements blending together into one, cohesive design. The antique wood mantel is supported above a brick surround by a pair of iron brackets. The three elements have similar levels of patina and wear, so they flawlessly create a simple, yet very effective style. This is an ideal mantel for homes that have a lot of subtle industrial or very modern accents like this throughout the space.

7. Heavy Texture Contrast Wood Fireplace Mantel

Wood Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace in this home has a lot to live up to. The floor to ceiling windows on one side and the brick wall on the other already bring a lot of character to the space. The stone fireplace surround alone would be too much of one thing in the center, so the antique wood mantel and legs add much needed texture and contrast to the design. The color perfectly matches the lighter tones in the rock, helping the two create a single, cohesive look.

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