How Often Should You Have a Fireplace Inspected and Cleaned?

Wood burning fireplaces should be inspected, both inside and out, by a certified chimney sweep or inspector every year in the fall before using it.

Depending on how often the fireplace has been used in the past, it may or may not need to be cleaned annually.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: One of the things people often ask this time of the year is, “How frequently should they have their fireplace inspected and cleaned?”

An inspection is a good idea before the beginning of each heating season. Although, depending on how often it’s used, a fireplace may or may not need to be cleaned that frequently.

A good inspection includes several things in addition to inspecting the fire-box for damaged or missing motor, checking the damper for proper operation and surveying the inside of the chimney for dangerous creosote buildup.

It’s also important to inspect the top of the chimney from the outside to ensure the cap is in good shape and that birds or rodents haven’t built nests that would obstruct the flue or pose a fire risk.

Even if you haven’t used the fireplace all year, these conditions could be present. So it’s important to look for them, and have them corrected by professional before the fireplace is used.


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