Installing a TV on the Wall Over a Fireplace

Is it a good idea to install a TV over a fireplace? -Herb

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Mounting a flat screen TV over the fireplace has become quite popular, but there are several potential problems to consider, especially over a wood burning fireplace:

  • Heat: Depending on the type and design of the fireplace, it may generate more heat than the TV is designed to handle. To find out, attach a thermometer to the wall above the fireplace while a fire is burning. Temperatures over 100° F are considered too high for most sets. Check the specifications in the operating manual that came with the TV to find the maximum temperature for your set.
  • Smoke: A wood burning fireplace can also emit smoke, ash, soot, and other particulate matter into the room. Since hot air rises, these contaminants will be drawn directly into your TV where they can build up and cause problems over time.
  • Wiring: If the wall above the fireplace wasn’t wired for a TV, electrical and transmission wires will need to be run first. This can be especially difficult if the wall is brick. In addition, cables for accessories, such as a DVD player or home theater system, will need to be included as well.
  • Viewing: Flat screen TVs are made to be viewed at eye level. When mounted higher, the screen may need to be angled downward for optimal viewing. Also, consider whether looking up at the TV for long periods of time will be comfortable.
  • Anchoring: When attaching a TV to a wall, make sure it is properly anchored. This is particularly true when mounting a TV on a brick wall, which will require drilling holes with a masonry bit for plastic or lead anchors.

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  1. Yes!I want to mount a TV to a wall in my Basement but the Panelling only comes out from the wall 1-inch. I bought some Toggle Bolts but the wings are to long to open up. Do you have any suggestions as to maybe how to do this another way.
    Thank You!


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