Anytime there’s a fireplace in a room, it instantly becomes the focal point of the room, which means that you need to have something of interest installed there, such as a reclaimed wood mantel.

Here are 6 Reclaimed Wood design ideas to help with your space.

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels Design Ideas

1. Rustic Complement Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

If you have a rustic-themed fireplace, then a reclaimed wood mantel makes the perfect complement. Antique wood that still shows the saw marks and nail holes of its original use has an authentically rustic appearance that can blend easily with fieldstone, drystack stone surrounds, and other rustic designs. The simplicity of the mantel will also mean that while it adds interest and character, it doesn’t dominate the space.

2. Warm Tones Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Natural wood has a richness and warmth to it that can’t be found in other materials. Used as a fireplace mantel, reclaimed wood that has been finished to let the natural grain show and take center stage in the design can add the right amount of depth and warmth to the room as a whole. This is perfect for living rooms, family rooms, and other areas you want to encourage people to gather in and feel comfortable.

3. Substantial Design Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel

Mantels can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be narrow or thick, unsupported or have decorative finials. They can also be part of the surround, with legs extending down either side. This mantel is made of a single, substantial, and unsupported reclaimed wood beam. It lends gravity and weight to the design, which contrasts the lighter woodwork on the adjoining wall for additional character and to help bring more interest to the room. 

4. Rustic Modern Design Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Transitional design blends elements from two distinct and separate styles. Rustic modern is one of the most popular types of transitional design, blending contemporary elements such as a sleek, gas fireplace, with rustic and natural pieces, such as an antique wood mantel. The texture of the mantel, with its marks showing use and wear add a lot of contrast to the fireplace. The stone helps bridge the gap, creating a very pleasing and transitional style. 

5. Subtle Style Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel

Mantels don’t need to be large or substantial to make the right statement in your design. Sometimes a thinner, more unobtrusive mantel can do a better job This reclaimed wood mantel is thinner, creating a more subtle look by blending in color with the fieldstone behind it. The result adds some depth to the fireplace, but doesn’t add any contrast or dramatic design, and offers a softer appearance. 

6. Supported Style Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Mantels can be highly decorative or plain and subdued in style, depending on the needs of your room. This simple reclaimed wood mantel brings interest with the saw marks and patina it carries from its original use. It’s supports are made of similar material, adding some contrast to the brick, but keeping the design simple and subdued, so that the texture can be the focus of the design. 

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