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May 18, 2023

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    Many homeowners think they can make a small move on their own. While this is certainly possible, we can’t stress enough that small moves are often just as stressful and time-consuming as big long-distance moves. 

    You still have to pack, unpack, organize, figure out storage and shipping options, and decide what vehicles to use to move your belongings. On top of this, many homeowners may be planning a job change or other life updates during their move, making this period more than just “a small move.” As a result, hiring movers is an excellent investment for many homeowners preparing for a small move, as this eliminates a lot of stress, planning, and variables

    Our experts have reviewed several providers to create the following list of the nine best moving companies for small moves using precise review criteria to ensure you end up with the best moving company. 

    What Are the Best Moving Companies for Small Moves?

    Our top 9 recommended moving companies for small moves in 2023 are: 

    Compare the Best Companies for Small Moves

    CompanySuperlativeOur RatingBBB RatingMove Cost (Local)
    International Van LinesBest Full-Service Mover89 / 100B$600–$1,200
    American Van LinesMost Transparent Pricing72 / 100A$500–$1,000
    Safeway Moving Best Flat-rate Pricing74 / 100NR$1,000–$3,000
    Moving APTMost Moving Partners85 / 100B$400–$1,900
    JK Moving ServicesMost Customizable Moving Experience80 / 100A+Call for a quote
    Allied Van LinesBest Vehicle Shipping Options93 / 100A+$750–$1,350
    U-PackBest Overall Container Service71 / 100A+N/A
    North American Van LinesBest Pricing Options87 / 100A+$750–$1,350
    PODSBest Solution for Local Moves63 / 100NR$200–$500

    International Van Lines (IVL)

    Our Reason for Choosing International Van Lines

    This company may be a good choice if you’re making a small move but a big relocation. International Van Lines is our “Best Full-Service Mover” with a solid 4.7-star rating. The company can move you to any state in the U.S. and even internationally to over 150 countries. 

    We like IVL’s comprehensive full-service moving options and white-glove services. You can hire out many tedious moving tasks, like packing, unpacking, loading, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and even home organization. It also offers a 100% refund policy if you cancel your move at least 48 hours in advance. However, you’ll need to pay close attention to your storage service renewal because you must cancel this at least 10 days before the renewal date, or you’ll end up paying for the next month. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Comprehensive moving and add-on services
    • Specialty packing services for fragile items
    • Air and sea freight services for overseas moves
    • Nationally recognized customer service team


    • A 25% deposit required
    • Many small or local moves are contracted out to other local moving companies

    What Services Are Available?

    The International Van Lines team offers nearly every moving service you could possibly need: 

    • Packing supplies
    • Loading and unloading services
    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Crating
    • Furniture disassembly and reassembly 
    • 30 days of free storage with moving
    • Short-term and long-term storage solutions
    • Specialized packing services for delicate items like artwork, pianos, and antiques 

    What Are International Van Lines’ Moving Options?

    In terms of moving options, IVL has you covered with some of the most comprehensive moving options available on the market: 

    • Local moving services
    • Intrastate moving services
    • Interstate moving services
    • Overseas moving services
    • Auto transportation services
    • Cross-country moving services
    • Commercial moving services
    • Military moving services

    Are Any Discounts Associated With International Van Lines?

    IVL offers a 15% senior discount on many of its services. However, you’ll want to speak directly with one of its moving professionals before assuming you’ll receive this discount because its website doesn’t clearly list what age is considered a senior discount. In addition, the company offers one month of free storage for all moves, a standout offering among its competitors. 

    American Van Lines (AVL)

    Our Reason for Choosing American Van Lines

    American Van Lines is the best choice if you’re concerned about hidden fees or upcharges. This veteran moving company is exceptionally transparent about its pricing, offering fixed upfront estimates and flat rate pricing. For this reason, we’ve recognized it for offering the “Most Transparent Pricing” and given it 3.6 stars. Most other moving companies charge by the mile or range, but AVL’s quote is the price you’ll end up paying. You can have peace of mind when booking with American Van Lines because you’ll see your moving costs stay the same. 

    The company’s personalized invoices are another standout feature because the invoices break down exactly where your dollars are going. We also love that American Van Lines prioritizes hiring movers with previous industry experience and honing their skills further by training the moving crew with the latest moving techniques. However, we don’t love that the company doesn’t offer online quotes, forcing you to wait for a custom quote which is a significant disadvantage for individuals on a tight moving deadline. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Transparent pricing with flat rate pricing system
    • Available in 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
    • Every employee goes through training on moving large, high-end, and fragile items


    • Doesn’t offer online quotes
    • Has a smaller fleet of moving trucks than some of the other moving carriers in our guide

    What Services Are Available?

    American Van Lines offers full-service and partial-packing options, giving you options depending on the level of assistance you want and your budget. Here are this moving company’s bookable moving services: 

    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Furniture disassembly and reassembly 
    • Moving supplies
    • Storage options (climate controlled and secure)
    • Corporate relocation and office moving services
    • Specialty packing services for musical instruments, antiques, and other valuables
    • Crating for large items like flat-screen TVS or pianos

    What Are American Van Lines’ Moving Options?

    American Van Lines offers more limited moving options. Besides Alaska and Hawaii, homeowners who choose American Van Lines can book the following services: 

    • Local moving
    • Long-distance moving
    • Military moving

    Are Any Discounts Associated With American Van Lines?

    One of American Van Lines’ best discounts is its advertised price matching services. If you can find an online or in-person quote for comparable services at a better price, American Van Lines will match this, providing savings while you enjoy AVL’s high-quality service. 

    The company offers a senior discount, but we couldn’t confirm the exact percentage or requirements during our research. 

    Safeway Moving

    Our Reason for Choosing Safeway Moving

    While Safeway Moving specializes in long-distance moves, it can handle small moves throughout the United States. This 3.7-star rated company is our pick for “Best Flat-Rate Pricing,” allowing you to book your entire move online and rest easy knowing you’ll pay exactly what you were quoted. Another reason to choose Safeway Moving is its extensive experience navigating the strict rules set by condo and homeowners associations. This company is an excellent choice if you’re moving from or to a neighborhood with a rigid HOA. 

    In contrast, we don’t love that Safeway Moving uses brokers for most of its moves and doesn’t offer enough transparent information online about its services. This may result from working with many partners, meaning its service offerings will vary greatly. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Available in 50 states
    • Advocated for senior citizen relocation, providing extra resources, customer service, and staff support to seniors
    • Experienced with HOA and COA regulations during moves


    • More limited service offerings because it focuses on full-service interstate moves
    • Limited availability for local moves

    What Services Are Available?

    Safeway Moving offers more limited services than other providers on this list because it depends on frequently brokering out moves to local companies. However, for most homeowners looking for straightforward moving services, these options are more than enough: 

    • Storage services
    • Loading and unloading
    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Junk removal
    • Custom crating
    • Antique and piano moving
    • Packing materials available 

    What Are Safeway Moving’s Moving Options?

    Safeway Moving offers enough moving options for most homeowners, although it lacks options for corporate and military moves. You can book the following services with this provider: 

    • Long-distance moves
    • Interstate moves
    • Local moves
    • International moves

    Are Any Discounts Associated With Safeway Moving?

    Safeway Moving is one of the best companies for finding discounts. We found that the company offers far more discounts for students, veterans, first responders, seniors, and teachers than most moving companies. 

    Moving APT

    Our Reason for Choosing Moving APT

    Unlike many other companies in our guide, Moving APT is unique because it is a moving services broker that connects you with the movers you need for your small move. This contrasts with other companies that provide moving services from in-house employees, which often help with consistent customer service. However, this extensive network allows it to connect you with the best deal. We’ve deemed Moving APT the company with the “Most Moving Partners” and gave it a g 4.3-star rating for its unmatched network. In addition, this provider has price-matching discounts to help you get an even better deal. 

    On the other hand, we don’t like that the company doesn’t clearly list its customer service hours, which is frustrating when you need additional support or are making a quick move to your new home. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Over 2,500 partners across the country
    • Excellent for homeowners on a budget
    • Huge number of discounts available
    • Able to connect you to specialty item movers


    • No international services
    • Not a service provider (brokers all moves)

    What Services Are Available?

    Since Moving APT works with a huge nationwide network, it can connect you with many services. However, its service offerings will vary depending on what companies are in Moving APT’s network and in your area:

    • Packing services
    • Packing supplies
    • Auto shipping
    • Appliance connection services
    • Some furniture disassembly and reassembly
    • Junk removal 
    • Home staging
    • Custom crating
    • Specialty moving services for pianos, fragile items, and even hot tubs

    What Are Moving APT’s Moving Options?

    As a moving broker, Moving APT works with its network of over 2,500 partners to provide moving services. As a result, the moving options can vary based on its partners’ offerings, but Moving APT is best known for these options: 

    • Local moves
    • Long-distance moves
    • International moves
    • Commercial moves

    Are Any Discounts Associated With Moving APT?

    During our research, we found that Moving APT offers discounts for early reservations, so bring this up with your Moving APT representative to see if you qualify. 

    Most importantly, Moving APT does price matching, so you can save additional money if another provider offers you a better quote for comparable services. 

    JK Moving Services

    Our Reason for Choosing JK Moving Services

    JK Moving Services is our top choice for “Most Customizable Moving Experience” because of its à la carte moving service options and full line of moving services and processes. We’ve given this company a 4-star rating for offering just about every type of moving service, including specialized services for commercial moves for hospitals, law firms, and other specialized workplaces. If you don’t see a moving service you need, contact your JK personal moving coordinator because the company can often customize and create a service for you. 

    We love that the company is flexible with its service offerings and moving options, and it’s easy to book your move because the company is available in all 50 states. If you’re concerned about financing, JK Moving Services has you covered with its unique financing through Enhancify, which is offered on all types of moves, even small-load moves. On the other hand, JK Moving Services isn’t as transparent about pricing as some competitors, making many homeowners nervous about the possibility of hidden fees or higher rates. 

    Pros & Cons


    • User-friendly mobile app to help you
    • Amazing personalized moving packages for small moves
    • Financing available even for small-load moves


    • Pricier than competitors
    • Not transparent with pricing

    What Services Are Available?

    JK Moving Services delivers top-notch customization options if you want a stress-free, full-service move. These are its top services: 

    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Loading and unloading services
    • Freighting
    • Crating
    • Archive services
    • Auto relocation
    • Specialty moving for antiques, fragile items, and musical instruments
    • Transportation and delivery on moving trucks
    • Short-term and long-term storage unit arrangements

    What Are JK Moving Services’ Moving Options?

    JK Moving Services can handle most types of moves, including:  

    • Local moving (limited local moves in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.)
    • Government moving services
    • Long-distance moving
    • International moving
    • Specialized workplace moving services like hospitals and law firms

    Are Any Discounts Associated With JK Moving Services?

    We could not find special discounts, like senior or military discounts, that JK Moving Services provides. But, the company offers unique financing options through Enhancify. Enhancify lets you apply for a loan with various repayment terms and interest rates. Depending on your credit score, you can get rates as low as 0%.  

    Allied Van Lines

    Our Reason for Choosing Allied Van Lines

    If you’re making a small move but have a lot of vehicles, you may be wondering what the best way to move your vehicles is. Allied Van Lines is an excellent choice and our pick for “Best Vehicle Shipping Options” because the company offers a massive range of vehicle relocation services, even for sports cars and sailboats. The vehicles can be transported in both open and closed transport choices. This strongly rated 4.7-star company is the clear choice for vehicle transportation because of its various moving options, specialized services, and guarantee of vehicle transportation services. Out of the many moving companies we’ve reviewed, Allied Van Lines is the only long-distance moving company we’ve found that guarantees its vehicle transportation services, a significant bonus for car owners. 

    The largest drawback to choosing Allied Van Lines is that it tends to be pricier than its competitors. However, this may be worth it if you need specialized vehicle transportation or are nervous about your car not being guaranteed.

    Pros & Cons


    • Provides you with a rental car free of charge if your vehicle shipment is late
    • GPS tracking on all moves
    • A+ rating with the BBB


    • More expensive short-term storage options
    • Customers have noted that the claims department is difficult to work with

    What Services Are Available?

    Allied Van Lines offers everything from full-service moving options and vehicle transportation to a DIY moving container service, Allied Express. Here are its primary services: 

    • Auto and boat transportation
    • Moving vehicles across state lines
    • Fragile-only packing
    • Storage for in-transit items
    • Arranges long-term storage
    • Extended insurance coverage and vehicle guarantees
    • Packing and unpacking
    • Loading and unloading
    • Furniture disassembly and reassembly 

    What Are Allied Van Lines’ Moving Options?

    On top of offering impressive vehicle transportation options, Allied Van Lines has multiple moving options available for your personal belongings: 

    • Vehicle transportation
    • Local moving
    • Interstate moving
    • International moving

    Are Any Discounts Associated With Allied Van Lines?

    Like many providers, Allied Van Lines offers a few discount options, including a reported 10% to 15% senior discount. However, this discount varies based on the type of service you’re booking. In addition, the company may offer a cash discount if you pay for your services in total upfront. 


    Our Reason for Choosing U-Pack

    If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your small move, we recommend U-Pack, our 3.6-star pick for “Best Overall Container Service.” Moving container companies provide a storage container that will be dropped off at your home and picked up at a scheduled time by a qualified driver who will drop the container off at your new home. Unlike other providers on this list, U-Pack doesn’t offer packing services. You’ll be responsible for figuring out what moving containers you need and packing your belongings into the dropped-off container. However, this setup means you save a lot of money on packing costs. You can also instantly get a free quote online, which benefits anyone with a short moving timeline.

    U-Pack is an excellent option if you’re making a small move or on a budget. However, we’d recommend looking at other moving companies if you need specialty moving services or customization because this provider doesn’t offer standard moving services. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Affordable DIY packing option
    • Accurate and instant online quotes
    • Mostly positive customer reviews and A+ BBB rating


    • You only have three days to load and unload the moving containers
    • Moves need to be at least 150 miles

    What Services Are Available?

    U-Pack is a moving container company, so it doesn’t offer full-service options like packing, packing supplies, and home staging. The only available service is moving container services.

    What Are U-Pack’s Moving Options?

    Because U-Pack is a moving container service company, it has limited moving options. You can turn to it for long-distance moves (150+ miles).

    Are Any Discounts Associated With U-Pack?

    Our research found that U-Pack may have a senior discount adjusted to your move’s specifications. But we couldn’t find any other confirmed deals. 

    However, the company only offers moving container services, which are notably cheaper than most movers because you’re not hiring movers to help you move your items, stage your home, or take apart furniture. 

    North American Van Lines

    Our Reason for Choosing North American Van Lines

    With over 85 years of experience, North American Van Lines is an excellent full-service moving company available throughout the entire country. If you’re worried about hidden fees, upcharges, or changing pricing, North American Van Lines is an excellent 4.4-star rated option offering what we feel are the “Best Pricing Options” with “not-to-exceed” and “bottom line” pricing options, meaning you don’t need to worry about your price spiking even if the weight of your shipment is larger than the original estimate. 

    We like that North American Van Lines is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The company supports moves internationally to an impressive 175 countries. For small moves, North American offers its service, BlueExpress. The BlueExpress service is a great way to save money because North American Van Lines will drop off a moving container at your home, which you’ll be responsible for packing. This is an affordable alternative to full-service move options if you only need to move a small home’s worth of personal belongings. In contrast, we don’t love that the company outsources some of its services when its crew is unavailable, leaving you with potential inconsistencies in terms of work quality. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Every move has a relocation specialist who helps you plan and tackles any questions or concerns you may have
    • WorldTrac GPS software tracks every shipment
    • Conducts international moves to 175 countries


    • Some customer reviews noted that movers were careless and damaged floors and walls
    • Primarily poor customer reviews online

    What Services Are Available?

    North American Van Lines is a full-service moving company offering more services, especially related to moving coverage, than many other providers: 

    • Basic liability coverage
    • Full-valuation coverage
    • Full-service packing
    • Packing supplies available
    • Fragile-only packing
    • Appliance disconnection and reconnection
    • Furniture disassembly and reassembly 
    • Auto transport
    • Loading and unloading
    • Crane vans for huge items
    • Storage

    What Are North American Van Lines’ Moving Options?

    North American Van Lines offers multiple moving options that suit a variety of small moving needs: 

    • Local moves
    • Long-distance moves
    • Interstate moves
    • International moves (over 175 countries)

    Are Any Discounts Associated With North American Van Lines?

    North American Van Lines offers the best senior discount out of the providers on this list. The senior discounts are available through the Senior Citizens League, with customers reporting discounts between 40% to 65% off local and long-distance moves. However, we recommend confirming this discount with your North American Van Lines’ relocation specialist before banking on it. 


    Our Reason for Choosing PODS

    While U-Pack is our top recommendation for moving container services, U-Pack has yet to expand to include local moves not crossing state lines. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective option for smaller local moves, PODS is an affordable “Best Solution for Local Moves” with a solid 3.2-star rating. 

    PODS has flexible cancellation criteria, a major bonus for homeowners with move dates that aren’t set in stone. As long as you cancel your move before 4:00 p.m. the day before your move, the company will provide you with a full refund on the booking, which is unusual in the moving industry. On the downside, PODS doesn’t offer full-service moving options, such as loading or home staging, but it is affordable for homeowners looking to complete a small move on a budget. 

    Pros & Cons


    • Easy online booking process
    • Offers a month of storage with your move
    • Free cancellations and refunds up to 4 p.m. the afternoon before your move


    • Long-distance moves are more expensive than competitors typically
    • Difficult to secure pricing with full transparency

    What Services Are Available?

    As a moving container company, PODS doesn’t offer a wide variety of moving services: 

    • Storage services
    • Moving container services
    • Loading and unloading

    What Are PODS’ Moving Options?

    One of PODS’ biggest drawbacks for some homeowners is that it doesn’t offer international moving options. However, for most small moves, the following services will suffice: 

    • Local moves
    • Long-distance moves

    Are Any Discounts Associated With PODS?

    You can frequently find seasonal discount codes on PODS’ website, which is one way to save money. In addition, PODS gives service members up to 10% off their booking. For a current list of PODS discounts, visit its promotional page.

    How Much Do Companies for Small Moves Typically Charge?

    Moving costs vary significantly based on what kind of move you’re completing, the distance traveled, and the weight of your shipment. You’ll also be charged more if you opt for extra moving services, like home staging or disassembling big pieces of furniture. 

    Fortunately, small moves involving either smaller homes or studio apartments or small distances are frequently less expensive than national moves. 

    Type of MoveAverage Cost 
    Local move (within the same city)$600–$2,400
    Local move (within the same state)$4,000–$6,000
    Long-distance move$600–$10,000+
    International move$8,000–$15,000
    Full-service move$2,300+ 
    Auto moving$1,000+ per vehicle

    The number of bedrooms will significantly impact the moving quotes you receive. Here is our breakdown of different moving estimates by some of the best moving companies for small moves.

    Studio Apartments, One-Bedroom Apartments, or Two-Bedroom Apartments

    DistanceHome sizeMoving EstimateAverage Provided By
    Local move (less than 100 miles)1 bedroom$240–$675Moving APT
    Long-distance move Studio apartment$2,143U-Pack (DIY moves)
    Long-distance move2 bedrooms$3,500–$5,000International Van Lines

    Two-Bedroom Homes

    DistanceMoving EstimateAverage Provided By
    Local move (less than 100 miles)$710–$1,400Moving APT
    Long-distance move$3,000–$4,000U-Pack (DIY moving service)
    Long-distance move$5,000–$6,000International Van Lines

    How Can You Negotiate With the Top Companies for Small Moves and Get Discounts?

    Many people are nervous about negotiating with their movers or worried about being rude. However, this isn’t the case, and not negotiating can mean missing out on hundreds of dollars. Remember, moves are expensive, so even a 5% or 10% discount can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the moving process. 

    Always gather multiple estimates from several different moving companies for similar moving services. When you ask your preferred moving company if it’s willing to price match, these quotes give you an idea of typical going rates and bargaining power. 

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Always be polite but firm with your approach. Many moving professionals are happy to negotiate or discuss different discounts, like first responder, teacher, military, early booking, or senior discounts with a polite customer. To save money, consider moving during less busy times, such as the middle of the week or October, rather than the busy summer season.

    How Can You Avoid Moving Scams From Bad Companies for Small Moves?

    Small moves should be simplified with the help of professional movers. Unfortunately, some moving companies are out to scam you and will do anything to convince you that it’s a legitimate, reputable company. Steer clear of any companies with these red flags: 

    • Large down payments: A down payment higher than 20% is not typical within the moving industry. Some shady companies will try to trick you into providing a much larger down payment and then run off with your money, so steer clear of companies asking for 50% or a much larger amount. 
    • Vet the company: If you can’t easily find a company’s proof of insurance, physical address, or mover’s registration, this is a sign to steer clear. You’ll also want to avoid companies with frequent name changes, as this is often done to prevent new customers from finding bad press coverage or negative reviews. 
    • Take photos of your belongings: Inventory your items before loading them with photographic evidence. Number your boxes so that it’s easy to account for all your belongings when you arrive at your new home. This protects you from potential disputes with the company over anything that doesn’t arrive. 
    • Suspiciously low bids: If a moving company gives you a suspiciously low quote, significantly less than quotes from its competitors for similar services, this is a major red flag. While it may seem like a good deal, there is truth to “you get what you pay for.” The company may also try to upcharge you or add hidden fees later, leaving you with a much higher-than-expected bill. 

    What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Company for Small Moves?

    Choosing the best moving company for your small move depends on several factors, such as:

    • Your budget: What is your budget? Do you have room for additional services like hiring movers to pack your belongings? Calculate what you can afford or want to spend on the move, then compare quotes from multiple companies to see what service offerings fit your budget. 
    • Your timeline: Last-minute moves are inevitably more expensive. You’ll have fewer choices based on availability and less time to negotiate. If you have months before your move, you’ll have time to shop around, look for better discounts, and ask about price matching.
    • Your distance: We recommend checking out companies specializing in small moves, whether companies offering express moving services for local moves or moving containers perfect for a studio apartment. 
    • Your items: Consider if you have specialty items or fragile belongings, like a flat-screen TV, car, or piano. These items need to be moved carefully, so look for companies with trained professionals that advertise fragile-item moving. This can save you a lot of money when you don’t have to repair or replace your most valuable items. 

    So, What Is the Best Moving Company for Small Moves?

    We recommend International Van Lines, American Van Lines, and Safeway Moving for small moves. These companies have strong customer reputations and many moving service options to help you avoid extra hassles. 

    Like most movers, you’re probably looking for the best deal and any way to cut back on your small move’s cost. The best way to do this is always to gather quotes from at least three moving companies before you make your final decision. This process ensures that you aren’t overpaying for your services and allows you to see how each moving company uses a unique approach to determining your price. 

    FAQs About the Best Moving Companies for Small Moves

    Do you need a moving company for small moves?

    Small moves can be just as stressful as large ones, so hiring movers isn’t a bad idea to reduce stress levels and save time. You also eliminate the risk of driving large vehicles or lifting heavy items.

    What are the best moving companies for small moves?

    We recommend International Van Lines, American Van Lines, or Safeway Moving for small moves. Whether you’re looking for a full-service move to eliminate stress or budget-friendly moving options, these providers offer a fun range of services for small moves.

    What days are movers the cheapest?

    It’s almost always cheaper to move on a weekday, excluding Friday. So, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are your best bet when looking for better rates from movers because they don’t tend to be less busy then.

    How do you move a small number of things?

    You can move a small number of things in a personal vehicle or rent a truck or trailer to move your items. Alternatively, moving container companies like U-Pack are more affordable options that transport large storage containers with your belongings.

    Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Companies for Small Moves

    At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our moving company ratings emphasize what matters most to you — reputable, affordable companies able to tackle a wide range of packing and moving tasks.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and interviews with former and current professional movers.

    A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across four categories converted to a five-star scale. We researched and analyzed dozens of full- and self-service moving companies and developed the following formula:

    • Transparency (30 Points): We awarded top points to companies that supplied quotes quickly and provided easy-to-read moving contracts. We used the availability of sample pricing and quick quote features, GPS tracking, and clear customer service hours to determine this metric. Points were also awarded for upfront communication regarding policies, licensing, insurance, and the clear listing of added fees.
    • Basic Service Options (20 Points): While this may seem like a given for most movers, a strong basic service profile is not guaranteed when you book your move. Movers that offer local, long-distance, and international moving, while providing packing and loading with their basic service packages rate highly here. 
    • Customization Options (30 Points): Aside from basic services, a comprehensive list of added services indicates a mover’s quality. Assembly and disassembly, valuation coverage, piano moving, car shipping, and similar add-ons indicate a mover that puts customer service first.
    • Reputation (20 Points): We assessed each mover’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. We weighed BBB ratings and the company’s complaint response rate to calculate this metric.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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