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Paint Disposal

Disposing of unwanted paint can be difficult because paint is considered a hazardous waste in its liquid form (it can leech into ground water if dumped in a landfill in this form.) Here's a tip for drying out paint to simplify disposal.
Ask Danny

How to Paint a Wood Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash

Joyce asks, “What kind of paint should I use on a wood beadboard backslpash that would hold up to water spots and grease splatters?”

An oil-based primer followed by a quality, high gloss acrylic or oil-based paint will give the best results. Read on to find out more.
Track closet system, seen newly installed, without clothes and items

How to Install a Track Storage System in Your Closet

Track systems offer much more storage space than a standard hanging rod and shelf, and they can be easily rearranged to meet your changing storage needs.

7 Tips to Create a Comfortable Bathroom

Whether you're creating a bathroom from scratch or renovating, plenty of planning is necessary. Here are 7 tips to get started!

How to Hang Drywall over Bricks

Want to ditch the exposed-brick look? Here's how to hang drywall over bricks.
Using homemade vacuum attachment to clean under a refrigerator.

Tip for Cleaning Under the Refrigerator

People are usually pretty diligent about cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, but cleaning the outside is important as well, especially underneath where the cooling coils are located. Here's a tip for cleaning this hard-to-reach area.
Door hinge

Door Hinge Fill-in

After you remove an old door, save time with this tip for filling in a recessed door hinge.
led lights hampton bay

LED Lights from Hampton Bay

These LED surface mounted accent lights are available in battery powered or wired versions, and are great for mounting under cabinets or for accent lighting. LED bulbs stay cool to the touch and use half of the electricity of regular bulbs. They’re easy to install and can last up to 20 years. LED Accent lights from Hampton Bay are available at The Home Depot stores.

This Ceiling Fan Makes Installation Easy

Looking for the easiest option to stay cool? This ceiling fan's parts just click into place — and it's remote controlled!