Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Simplifying Summer Home Maintenance

In this special-edition Today's Homeowner Podcast, we tell you how to easily keep your home maintenance on track this summer.
Applying a stucco finish to a concrete block wall

How to Build a Concrete Wall

Want some backyard privacy? A concrete wall is easy to build, durable, and blocks nosy neighbors.

Front Porch Railing: Remove It or Repair It?

Front porch railing can either be cozy or claustrophobic. Here's how to remove it, and also how to repair it if you absolutely need it.
Damaged Louisiana home following Hurricane Ida

Metal Roof Protects Louisiana Couple’s Home During Hurricane Ida

A Louisiana couple's decision to install a metal roof on their Bayou-front home saved it from Hurricane Ida's destruction.

Retractable Screens: Blur the Line Between Indoors and Out

Retractable screen doors seamlessly unify outdoor and indoor living spaces, making them ideal for house parties and family gatherings.
crawl space under home

Cost-Efficient Methods for Crawl Space Moisture Control | Ep. 159

Moisture control in crawl spaces is a constant problem for homeowners in high-humidity areas. Here are some cost-efficient ways to keep that space dry!
rusted metal window

Painting Old Metal Window Frames | Ep. 157

Painting old metal window frames takes a lot of prep work, but if done right, the finished product will last a long time.
Beautiful light balls hanging in trees outside

How to Make Rustic Light Balls with Chicken Wire

Want to give your backyard a modern farmhouse vibe? Make these chicken-wire light balls! These orbs add rustic ambiance perfect for a backyard party.
Finger pointing to cracked drywall

5 Steps to Avoid Wall Cracks from Shifting Soil

Shifting soil causes cracks in your walls and could be a sign of structural issues in your home.