Routing a Vent Fan Out of the Attic

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Creating the Most Direct Route for a Bathroom Vent Fan

Jeff’s bathroom vent fan is capped off inside the attic. This is doing absolutely nothing to help with air quality. Learn what he needs to do to get some use out of his vent fan.

How to Prevent Moisture in the Attic

Greg is beginning to notice moisture in his attic. He’s getting mixed solutions from experts he’s spoken to in the past. Greg reaches out to us to set the record straight.

Simple Solutions

Pool Toy Plumbing Tool

Live in a home long enough, sooner or later you have to deal with a plumbing clog and a lot of standing water. But before making the repair, you have to remove the water. Now, you could use a sponge or maybe a towel, but here’s a quicker, easier to remove the water.

Paint Screen Saver

When using paint from a previously opened can, it’s best to pass the paint through a filter to screen out dried paint chips and other small bits of debris. You can buy disposable paint filters, but they’re flimsy, not reusable and the paint flows through much too slowly. Instead, do this.

Best New Products

2-in-1 HydroRain Shower Head

Looking to upgrade your shower? There isn’t anything more relaxing than gentle rain shower heads, and there isn’t anything more convenient than a handheld shower wand. 

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