What to Consider When Turning an Attic into Living Space

Converting an attic into an extra room can be great way to add an extra bedroom or home office to your house, but it’s may not be as simple as you might think. Here are tips to consider when planning an attic conversion for your home:

  • Attic Space: Make sure your attic has enough overall space and height to serve as a room. An attic with a steeply pitched roof works best, since it allows for enough ceiling height in the room.
  • Attic Access: An attic conversion requires easy access from an adjoining second-story room or a staircase to provide entrance to and exit from the room.
  • Attic Floor Framing: The floor joists in an attic may not be strong enough to support a living space and could require additional support, which can be expensive and reduce the available ceiling height in an attic.
  • Attic Windows: An attic conversion usually requires adding windows to provide natural light and for escape in emergencies. Gable windows are easier to install and less expensive than adding dormers to the roof.

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