Insulating Attic Over Carport

Danny Lipford in attic.

My house attic is insulated, but I noticed that the attic over the carport is not insulated. The carport is open on two sides. It joins the main house and both attics are open. Does it matter if the carport attic is not insulated? – David

Hi David,

No, it’s not a problem at all. Since the air in the shared attic space is not heated or cooled and is vented to the outside anyway, it doesn’t matter if the area over the carport is insulated. In fact it is better that it’s not in order to lessen the possibility of moisture condensing in that part of your attic.


  1. what if you are having condensation? my duct from my dryer runs over the laundry room and it is leaking on the drywall and making a hole. what do i do about that?

  2. Tammy,
    You need to have the duct insulated and make sure the vent flapper outside is closed when system is off.I had a situation just like .My customer had to repair the sheet rock and I’m sure you need to also.then while the rock is down install and insulated pipe and insulate the area the pipe is in then foam in where the vent meets the outside wall.
    John Cannamela

  3. Tammy, one other thing If can- use solid pvc or plastic pipe and angle it towards the outside- that will keep any condensation from gathering.You probably have dryer vent tubing which can colapse like an accordian and form a trap for water to settle. There is always going to be moisture in the dryer so you have to manage it.
    John Cannamela

  4. Is it okay to use blown in cellulose insulation if you have had termite activity. We need to reinsulate our 30yr home.


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