The Fall Lawn and Garden Care Guide

Raking leaves in the autumn
Raking leaves is just one of many lawn and garden chores you should tackle in the fall. (DepositPhotos)
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The arrival of cool weather and clear days makes fall a great time to work in your yard.

In this episode, we share tips on fall lawn care, planting shrubs and bulbs, winterizing your lawnmower and sharpening tools.

Dividing and Transplanting Plants

Dividing mature plants, such as hostas, is a great way to add to your garden. Start by digging up a mature plant, then pull or cut the roots apart where the plant naturally divides.

Add some bone meal or phosphorus fertilizer to the holes when replanting the divided plants.

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Man pruning tree branches on a sunny day

Fall Pruning Tips

Pruning causes new growth to form, so it’s best to wait until winter or early spring before doing any major pruning of trees or shrubs.

However, fall is a good time to remove any dead limbs from trees and shrubs.

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Planting shrubs during the fall

Planting Shrubs

Fall is a good time to plant shrubs since the roots can settle in and become established before going dormant for the winter.

When planting shrubs, dig the hole three times wider than the plant and at least as deep. Build a compacted mound of dirt in the middle of the hole to give the plant a firm foundation while allowing room for the roots to grow.

Place the shrub in the hole even width or slightly above ground level, with the full side facing out. Add a shovel full of soil conditioner to the dirt when filling in the hole.

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