Fall Into the 4 Seasons Checklist

Mike and Nicole Dumas
Homeowners Mike and Nicole Dumas

We revisited the 4 Seasons of Homeownership as we took on the fall checklist with first-time homeowners Mike and Nicole Dumas.

Some of the chores we accomplished included draining the water heater, installing gutters and downspouts, and weatherizing their home for cooler weather ahead.

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  1. was watching your show 11/27/2016 on making a home cooler by tinting windows installing enclosed blinds { my favorite } and putting up a cooling device in a space without ducts I’m very interested being I’m moving to Louisiana into a older home with no type of insulation please what was the episode number

  2. I am trying to decide which will be best Asphalt shingle color to go on my red brick ranch in Palm Coast Florida, I WAS thinking of pristine black, now I am not so sure as if this is the best choice both for cooling and aesthetic s


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