How to Maintain a Lawn Mower

To keep your lawn mower running smoothly, it’s important to maintain it properly. In the spring, perform the following maintenance on your mower:

  • Replace the spark plug
  • Change the oil
  • Sharpen or replace the blade
  • Clean or replace the air filter after every few hours of use

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


Give your mower a tune-up before the season starts by changing the spark plug and the motor oil. While you have the spark plug unhooked, tilt the mower up and check the blade for sharpness. If it’s dull or nicked, sharpen it or replace it with a new one. Finally, because mowers stir up so much dirt, it’s a good idea during the season to change the air filter after every few hours of mowing.


  1. Before you put your lawnmower away for the season, either drain the gas tank and run the engine till the carburetor is drained of gas or pour a good gas stabilizer in the gas tank and run the unit for at least 3 minutes for the stabilizer to work it’s way into the carburetor for best protection.


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