6 Sounds Your Home Shouldn’t Make — and Next Steps

4. Window Whistle

Whistling windows are a sure sign than outside air is leaking into your home.

A whistle from a window is more than annoying, it’s a huge waste of energy.

Fill small cracks in your windows with caulking. If you’re dealing with larger gaps, use a foam backer rod of the appropriate size by pushing it into the gap with a putty knife, and then apply caulking on top of it.

Finally, make sure weatherstripping is around your windows to provide a good seal and replace it as needed.

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5. Window Scratching

If you hear scraping against your windows, it’s probably overgrown tree branches brushing against them.

When trimming trees in your yard, use pruning shears to remove smaller branches, and a pruning saw or chainsaw for large limbs.

Start by taking off the bulk of the weight near the end of the branch in 3-foot sections, so your last cut near the trunk will not split and damage the tree’s trunk.

6. Rustling in the Attic

If you hear noises in the attic or walls, you’re not alone. Raccoons, birds and bats can invade and attic.

And, if that weren’t creepy enough, mice and rats could be behind your walls. If you hear any squeaks, clawing or fluttering, set some traps, consider an ultrasonic pest repeller or call an exterminator.

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