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Simple Solutions

Edge-Painting Tip – When you need to paint the edges of a workpiece, such as a cabinet door, drawer fronts or shelving, raise the pieces off the work surface with small stands cut from an egg carton. Use scissors to cut out the individual egg-holding cups from a paper carton. Then, place the cups upside down on the work surface, and set the workpiece on top. Now, with the workpiece elevated off the surface you can very easily and neatly paint the top and all four edges.

How to Light Up Small Spaces – Brighten up dark closets and cabinets with a small battery-powered LED or fluorescent light. But rather than securing the light with screws, use peel-and-stick Velcro strips. Place one half of the Velcro inside the cabinet or closet, and press the other half onto the back of the light. The Velcro will securely hold the light in place, but it also allows you to easily remove the light for use elsewhere.

Best New Product

Power strips are handy, especially if you have many devices that you need to plug in and you need them nearby. But some of those devices have big, bulky plugs that may cover one or even two more outlets. Here’s the solution – it’s from Globe Electric and it’s called the Flexigon. It lives up to its name because it’s so flexible that you can adjust it to fit around furniture or provide much-needed space for those larger adapters. The Flexigon will protect your electronics from surges up to 450 joules and for extra peace of mind the company even offers a warranty of up to $100,000 on connected equipment for the lifetime of the surge protection function. On top of all that there are two USB ports for charging your smaller devices. The unit also includes a generous six foot grounded plug power cord and an LED on/off indicator light button to show that the strip is functioning correctly and allow you to quickly cut the power in case of a power outage.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Hour 1

George in AL
I have just started some work on the underside of my stilt house. When I started to remove some of the covering to run wires ahead of the full work, I found that squirrels have matted down the insulation and chewed the wiring on the underside of the floor. Even more concerning is that I noticed what I think is WHITE MOLD all over the bottom of the sub-floor. What causes this and how can I get rid of it and prevent it from coming back?

Eleanor in AZ
We need a new roof and would like to know what kind would be best for our single-story home for insulation from heat and to withstand monsoon storms. One room is an add-on and has a nearly flat roof. Thank you for any suggestions you can give us.

Doug in CT
My basement is damp and moisture appears to be coming through the concrete floor. How do we correct this? Also, there are numerous cracks in the floor. What is your recommendation for crack filler and sealer. Prefer something that can rolled on.

Hour 2

Chuck in AL
Our room above the garage is particularly hot in the summer and cold in the winter. How can we find out if there is insulation in the ceiling of the garage? If there is not, how can some be added?

Kat in VA
My back splash in the kitchen has clear caulking securing it. A 3-inch section behind the sink, has mold under it. How do I remove it so I can replace the caulking?

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