Simple Solutions

Quick Fix for Stripped Cabinet Knob – Here’s how to repair a cabinet knob that’s become loose and stripped: First, put a few drops of wood glue in the screw hole, then break a toothpick in half and push the pieces into the hole. Snap off the excess toothpick so that’s it’s flush with the back of the knob. Now, simply thread the knob back on the screw.

How to Keep Outdoor Tablecloths from Blowing Away – When dining outdoors, try this trick to prevent your tablecloths from blowing away in the wind. Buy four to six plastic tarp clips, depending on size of the table, and tighten them onto the edges of the tablecloth. Then, stretch small bungee cords beneath the table and hook the cords onto the tarp clips. The tension of the bungee cords will securely hold the tablecloth in place.

Best New Product

There’s nothing worse than having to stop in the middle of a project work to go get another tool from the garage or worse yet, get out and go to the store. But drill bits pose a problem because you need different types for specific materials like wood, metal and concrete. The Bosch Multi-Purpose Carbide Drill Bit set solves that problem by working equally well in all of those materials. The sharp cutting edges are diamond ground so they can work at high speeds in even the hardest material. And the sturdy head of the bits will have a long life whether you’re using it in an ordinary drill, impact or hammer drill.

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Hour 1

Mike in AL
We have a Tudor revival from the 1930s. Recently a tree hit the house, this required a new roof. Our contractor installed ridge vents; however he left the turbine vents and gable vents (with powered fans) in place. Could we benefit from turning the powered fans around, so that we are pulling outside air in, forcing airflow out the ridge vent? We don’t have soffit vents.

Mary in MI
I had a new roof put on years ago and it leaked from the onset. The company came back 3 times then just threw up their hands b/c they didn’t know why. I’m left with a leaking roof and damaged attic. My question is can a metal roof go right over an existing roof or does that have to come off and new roof then get installed?

Tom in FL
I live in Vero Beach FL and have pavers in my Lanie. Will polymer stop weeds from growing through the cracks?

Carol in DE
Our house was built last winter, and sections of the concrete driveway has started to peel away in layers. Can this be patched over or must it be removed and re-poured?

Hour 2

Douglas in NH
We have black granite countertops and there a a few spots where there are scuff marks from the green side of the sponge. I have tried cleaning with cleaner and polish, but I can’t get rid of the scratches. Any suggestions?

Melissa in TX
I live in a house built in 1963. After years of neglect the original wood paneling is coming loose (it was glued on). How should I re-affix it to the wall?

Denise in Ontario
We stained our deck right after it was built with new materials. We did not know we had to wait for it to dry out. Now it creaks really badly, and we don’t know how to fix it.

Lawrence in CO
Do you know a way to remove concrete splatter from my basement windows? The cement has been there for roughly 4 years.

Jack in NY
I’m building a large shed for storing my lawn tractor, utility trailer, and bass boat. I was going to pour a concrete slab, but it’s just too expensive. And a wood-frame floor would be too high for easily driving in and out of the shed. What other options do I have? Also, the local building inspector said that the shed must have a frost-proof foundation. Any suggestions?

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