Rustic Curb Appeal Makeover: From Blank to Beautiful

We’re helping a family improve the curb appeal on their 1970s modern rustic home.

This home belongs to Denver and Alexis Damron, who have five children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The couple became empty-nesters last year, but their home is where the whole family plays and prays — and it needs some work.

Modern rustic home before photo
Alexis Damron says her home is plain, but it won’t be after we’re finished with it!

For starters, Alexis and Denver need to replace their roof for the second time in 27 years, so they’ve decided to go with a metal roof that’s built to last for 50-plus years.  

On top of that, Alexis wants her home to get a facelift, so that’s just what we’re going to give it.

We’ll add some unique shutters, clean up the landscaping, repair some siding and resurface the porch.

The Plan

Damaged siding
We’re not sure what happened to this siding, but we’re replacing it!

Replace Siding and Paint Trim

Denver and I cut out new siding and make repairs to the framing.

Once the siding and trim are back in place, we caulk the seams and prime the bare wood.

Meanwhile, Chelsea offers three options for the front door and the windows’ trim, and Alexis chooses carbon.

We had just a tiny sample of carbon paint but managed to get all the window trim painted with it!

Danny Lipford repairs doorbell
Hearing her doorbell for the first time in years was like music to Alexis’ ears!

Reconnect the Doorbell

Denver and his son replaced the siding on the house several years ago and left the doorbell wiring behind the paneling. (It happens…)

So, we’re reconnecting it and finally getting that doorbell working again!  

Damaged front porch
This front porch has seen better days.

Repair the Front Porch

The front porch steps have a lot of bricks with gaps, so we’re going to force mortar into those cracks and crevices.

It’s important to fill gaps to keep water out, make the steps safer and — let’s face it — it will look a lot better.  

We’re also adding a layer of Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer. The difference between this and regular concrete is the thickness — Re-Cap goes on thin.

Then we smooth it with a trowel and add a textured broom finish.

Metal roof closeup
The biggest change is this attractive, durable metal roof. It’ll last 50 years, guaranteed.

Metal Roof

The 50-year transferrable warranty, along with the many different styles and options available, attracted Alexis and Denver to choose a metal roof over alternatives.

They used the Metal Roofing Alliance’s website to find answers to their questions and then moved forward.

At the beginning of day two, the roofers arrive to begin installing the new metal roof.

Workers discovered a number of leaks in the roof and had to replace a good bit of decking. After that, they cut the shingles’ overhang. The rest of the roof serves as an extra layer of protection — otherwise, these shingles would have ended up in the landfill — and the metal roof goes on top of it.


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