This week, we’re helping a Louisiana family get their home back in shape after Hurricane Zeta caused some major damage. We’re also getting their home prepared for the 2021 hurricane season.

The house belongs to David and Ruby LeBlanc of Cut Off, Louisiana.

Replacing the Mismatched Roof

The first project is replacing the roof.

David and Ruby did their fair share of research and chose the perfect roof for their home from the Metal Roofing Alliance.

When the roofers arrive, they start working by trim around the eaves and installing underlayment over the old shingles to prepare for the installation of the new metal roof.

Installing New French Doors

Then it’s time for me and David to replace the old French doors with new ones.

The old French doors were damaged in the last hurricane as the seal around the glass frame was compromised, allowing humidity between the glass panes. 

We start by removing the trim around the door and then removing the old doors. Once the new French doors are installed, we properly insulate the space around the door and finish it out by sealing in the new doors.

Creating Storm Panels for the Windows

To create the reusable storm panels, we start by measuring the windows they will cover.

Next, we cut half-inch plywood to size and drill quarter-inch mounting holes into the four corners of each panel and midway across the longest span.

To reduce any warping, we are also painting these panels. Once they are dry, we put them in place temporarily so we can mark the location of the mounting holes on the window trim.

At each of these marks, we drill a half-inch diameter hole. This is so we can install the flush-mount threaded fastener anchors.

Finish the Landscaping

There’s one more project to tackle for this couple. After Hurricane Zeta rolled through, the LeBlancs’ landscape was destroyed.

To bring some life back into the front yard, we replaced their crape myrtle trees. 

Now, this home down by the bayou is beautiful and protected from any storms that may come its way.


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