How Metal Roofs Protect Against Extreme Weather

This year’s extreme weather has homeowners everywhere looking for ways to make their home more durable. A great place to start your search is with the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Many homeowners are considering moving from a traditional roof to metal and for good reason. Both reliable and strong, metal roofs give your home the best protection against extreme weather conditions, including 140-mile-an-hour hurricane-force winds, hail storms, heavy rain, and wildfires.

Metal roofs are nearly impenetrable to moisture, making them an ideal choice in areas that suffer heavy rainfall and downpours. Plus, they are low maintenance and have a Class A rating for fire resistance.

Copper roofing adds a timeless, old-world charm to any home — and it’s built to last. (©Tatabrada via

Metal roofs are a great value, because they last 50-plus years, more than two to three times longer than other materials. This will save you money with reduced replacement and repair cost.

And they are more sustainable. Many metal roofs are made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled at the end of their long life rather than ending up in the landfill.

In the summer months, a metal roof also helps save energy. Called “cool roofs,” metal roofs reflect more solar radiation than asphalt, which typically absorbs and holds heat. They also re-emit most of what solar radiation is absorbed, which helps reduce energy costs.

Metal roofs are a perfect fit for any home and are available in a wide range of styles that look just like common roofing material, including shake, tile or even asphalt. Metal roofs also come in an array of colors that will make your house stand out among the rest.

Additional Tips

Here are other things you can do to help protect your home from severe weather damage:

  • Keep water flowing away from your home to prevent foundation damage or flooding.
  • Ensure all gutters, downspouts, and surface drains are free from debris so water can flow freely.
  • Avoid planting shrubs too close to your home. This can cause a “damming” effect and lead to water/foundation damage.
  • Caulk around all windows, doors, and cracks to create a tight seal and prevent wind and water intrusion.


  1. Great highlight! The energy efficiency and durability is certainly a plus, and it’s nice to see more homeowner education on alternate building materials!

    • Glad you enjoyed this article, Holly! Metal roofs have come of age, particularly now that they come in all kinds of styles.
      We’re just glad more people are learning about that and expressing as much enthusiasm about metal roofing. Take care. 🙂

  2. how does a metal roof keep heat out of a house if it gets so hot you can’t stand on or touch it .I have seen a metal roof here put over an existing asphalt roof and then after a hot summer you can see tar coming down the trim boards on the house .One it happened to was my sister and now she has this ugly black tar all over her trim boards .I have now just seen my neighbor put on a new roof and of course it went over her old asphalt roof .Seems the same company does this over and over again .I am not against metal but it should be done right .I have a roof vent that has a fan in it that comes on at a certain temperature to keep the attic cool .Both of the houses I saw were double wide homes with no attics .So is that different from a house with an attic and is it right that a metal roof should be installed over existing asphalt roof or in my opinion it should be torn off since the tar dripping out on the trim looks ugly and maybe a hazard sorry this is long but wondering about attic verses non attic homes

  3. A roofer once told me that metal roofs were not a good idea for one who has snow or alot of it. I t is great for southerns. Maybe the snow causes moisture under it?

  4. We have a metal roof and it is the best investment that we have made in the house in years. We are on our 2 nd winter and the snow doesn’t bother us in any way. The heat in the summer is fine to. We have seen the winter bring a better insulated roof as well as the summer and our utility bills are pretty much the same but the winter is warmer and the summer is cooler. And also I have a 50 year guarantee and am glad I went to a metal roof. I reccomend the metal roof to everyone I talk to. I have motivated several families in this neighborhood to invest in the metal roof.

  5. The upside: I grew up under a metal roof. Rainy days were the best, good sleep. I remember a tree limb fell and all i did was climbed up and pushed it off. Minor dents not visible from the ground.
    Downside: COST $$$$. You could buy three old roof shingles sets for that price.


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