Metal Roofing Buyers’ Guide, Visualizer Make Selection Easy

Since you’re here, you must be considering a metal roof for your home — that’s a great decision. You can’t beat a quality metal roof when it comes to durability, low maintenance and curb appeal.

They’re also a great investment because they can last up to three times longer than other types of roofing: up to 50-plus years! They’re also extremely energy-efficient, so you’ll save money year after year.

Plus, they can withstand extreme weather like hurricane-force winds, hailstorms, intense sun, heavy rain and snow — not to mention many metal roofing systems have Class A fire protection rating.

To get you on your way to a new metal roof you are sure to love, the Metal Roofing Alliance has some great resources. 

First, check out the MRA free Buyer’s Guide. It includes tons of useful information to help you understand the best choices for your region, learn about different metal types and styles and get a useful re-roofing project checklist.

You can also explore all the many different metal roofing styles and colors available. Even upload a photo of your own home and see how different metal roofing designs will look with MRA’s visualizer.

Plus, MRA’s “Find a Professional” tool can help you find quality metal roofing contractors in your area. Once you’ve found an installer, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the material they recommend — its ratings and warranties and what their installation process includes.

For example, they may be able to install a new metal roof right over your existing roof, which will save tear-off costs and reduce waste. 

So, dig into the resources here to help you put a great roof over your family’s head that will last for decades to come — and get ready to love your new metal roof.


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