Why These Hurricane Katrina Survivors Chose a Metal Roof

Ricky and Tracy Jones know what it’s like to weather a storm with a substandard roof — that’s why they chose a metal roof.

The couple placed a shingle roof rated for 30 years on their home, but that roof was no match for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and it only lasted two decades.

To make matters worse, a contractor who required payment upfront repaired the roof but used different color shingles, resulting in a mismatched roof.

After that experience, the couple decided to purchase a metal roof. Working with a business that’s a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance gave them confidence that the job would be done right.

The couple’s new metal roof is rated for 160 mph winds, and it has an expected lifetime of 50 or more years with little maintenance.

Since metal roofs resist cracking and eroding, and they can withstand severe weather such as hurricanes, heavy snow, hail storms and wildfires, Ricky and Tracy have peace of mind.

Watch their story in the video above, and learn more about metal roofs here: Why You Should Choose a Metal Roof


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