How to Repair Cracked Brick Mortar Joints

To repair missing or cracked mortar joints on a brick wall:

  1. Mix Mortar: Mix up a batch of matching colored mortar in a bucket or wheelbarrow.
  2. Clean Mortar Joints: Use a chisel or screwdriver to remove any loose mortar from the mortar joints.
  3. Fill Mortar Joints: Use a grout bag, trowel, or wood stick to force the mortar in the gaps.
  4. Remove Excess Mortar: Remove any excess mortar and mortar on the bricks.
  5. Let Mortar Set: Allow the mortar to dry.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


To repair brick cracks, you’ll need to mix up a batch of mortar that matches the mortar on your house. Then clean the repair area to remove any loose material. Using a grout bag, narrow trowel or wood stick force the mortar into the voids. Be careful to remove any that spills over onto the bricks. As the mortar dries you can sculpt it match the surrounding joints so the repair is invisible.


  1. I have a concrete porch and the porch slab is resting on a row of concrete blocks in the front, not sure on foundation side. In the front, the mortar has cracked, also, it seems as if the blocks are being pushed out to the front. Faces of some blocks have literally fallen off. It looks terrible and there are yews in front of the porch which hide the eyesore. I want to replace the blocks for structural and cosmetic purposes. Can I remove the row of blocks and start fresh? What would be the best way to correct this?

  2. The video was great, but what if the cracks were caused by pressure from a tree root pushing up. The cracks have not gotten bigger, but I’m worried that the morter fix will have to be done again at a latter time. Is there not some type of sealer that stays flexable, to keep out birds and bats?

  3. One important step is missing in this video. You should always wetten the exsisting concrete before applying the patching concrete. Wet it lightly with a spray bottle of water, careful not to over-wet it. Your patching will not stick properly if you miss this important step!


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