How to Build a Brick Paver Patio in Your Yard

A brick paver patio is much more attractive than a bland concrete slab. Laying a patio made from brick pavers makes a good DIY project for your home. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start by establishing a border around the patio.
  • Fill the patio space with several inches of base material—such as crushed granite, recycled crushed concrete, or coarse sand—to provide a firm foundation and aid in drainage.
  • Use a straight piece of lumber as a screed board to distribute and level the base material.
  • Compact the base material using either a motorized plate compactor or a hand tamp.
  • Lay the pavers on the base material, making sure they’re level.
  • Sweep sand or a sand polymer mix into the cracks between the pavers.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. We have a brick patio under our oak tree . . we’ve used sand between the bricks so that the tree can still get water, but the sand keeps disappearing. Can we use crushed granite between the bricks??


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