How to remove hard water stains from brick wall

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One of the easiest ways of cleaning hard water stains on brick is the “vinegar brush” method. To do this, you’ll need a bucket, a nylon scrub brush, a spray bottle, a bottle of white vinegar which is undiluted, and in some cases, at least ¼ cup of trisodium phosphate.

First, cover any grass, plants, or shrubs in the surrounding area with plastic drop cloths that will protect them from any potential runoff. Next, spray the bricks affected by hard water stains with the vinegar.

Then, scrub the bricks as hard as needed to remove all of the hard water stains. Once you’ve loosened the hard water stain deposits, rinse the vinegar from the bricks with a basic garden hose or sprayer of some sort. Inspect the bricks afterward to see if any stubborn stains remain. If so, you may need to mix your ¼ cup of trisodium phosphate into 1 gallon of warm water.

Use this solution to scrub the brick until the stains are removed and allow the cleaning solution to sit on the bricks for at least a couple minutes before you rinse them with water. It’s important to wear the proper safety equipment such as goggles, rubber gloves, and long clothing when using the trisodium phosphate method.

How to get hard water stains off brick with a liquid cleaner

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Another way to remove hard water stains from brick is by using an industrial brick cleaner. Products like Procoso Masonry Cleaner and BioClean’s are a good alternative to simpler methods because they will cut right through the worst hard water stains and provide a higher degree of professionalism to your client.

For professional cleaning of hard water stains from brick use Prosoco Sure Klean Custom Masonry Cleaner | Check Price on Amazon

For weaker stains you can try a cream alternative Bio Clean Hard Water Stain Remover | Check Price on Amazon

Procoso’s Cleaner is a concentrated, strong cleaner used for dissolving salts and mineral deposits from hard water on masonry and bricks. It breaks the bond of unsightly deposits such as these, cutting through deposits which other cleaners may not be able to handle.

Procoso Masonry Cleaner is safer than using an abrasive cleaning method, is water-rinsable, and is an economical, but be sure to check out the product data sheet for proper application instructions and protect yourself while using the product!

Cleaning hard water stains on brick is easier than you think

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Brick masonry is a beautiful material for just about any kind of structure. That’s why commercial clients are insistent on keeping their masonry free from any unsightly water stains which might build up over time. Whether they’re caused by water from a garden hose, sprinklers, or some other source, they need to be removed.

As a professional, you have a few different ways you can go about this. One way is to use a simple method involving vinegar, a basic nylon brush, and a bucket of water. Undiluted vinegar makes a really decent choice for this kind of work, and as long as you protect any nearby plants, grass, or shrubbery with plastic drop cloths, your client should be satisfied.

However, if you’re looking to bring a higher degree of professionalism to the table, you might want to use a professional liquid brick cleaner. Top of the line products are great for commercial jobs because they can cut through some of the worst hard water stains and mineral deposits you’ll ever see. You can trust that you’ll only need one go-around to get the job done with a serious hard water deposit remover.

Rather than rely on trisodium phosphate and other basic methods for removing hard water stains from brick, you might want to step it up for a commercial job setting. By coming prepared with a professional brick cleaner, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

You can handle even the worst deposits or stains with ease, and your clients will definitely notice the high level of professionalism and quality you provide them with.

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