Your kitchen backsplash is the component that adds decoration and personality to the room. This small area of the kitchen is responsible for a big part of the style and is often used to help cement the overall design.

Natural stone is a popular material to use in this area, because it has beauty, character, and interest that other materials lack. If you really want to create a backsplash that has personality, and that will draw the eye of everyone who sees, consider using Ledgestone stacked veneer panels to complete the area.

Ledge Stone Panels

Made of slate, limestone, granite, sandstone, or travertine, Ledgestone panels are designed to give your installation a dry fit or dry stack appearance. This means there is no grout or mortar separating the pieces of stone, which fit together tightly.

Rather than installing each piece separately, Ledgestone panels each contain several pieces of stone, covering 6 by 24-inches of space a time, and interlocking into one another. The pieces of stone have a rough-hewn or cleft face and texture, which can add depth and interest to your kitchen, no matter what it’s style.


Ledge Stone Veneer
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One of the best parts of using any natural stone, including Ledgestone, is the ability to create numerous designs with just one material. Stone has character that can match or contrast the surrounding room, so a kitchen with a Ledgestone backsplash can be traditional, Rustic Modern, transitional, or contemporary in style – the possibilities are endless.

Use Ledgestone along the countertop area of the backsplash will add color and interest to the room. Pair it with a coordinating material behind the cooktop for even more style, or run the material throughout the backsplash for one, cohesive look.

Ledgestone can also be installed on backsplash accent walls, where the material extends beyond the cabinetry. Because the material has naturally finished ends, it doesn’t require a bullnose or a separate piece at the edges of the installation. You can apply a small amount of mineral oil to any cut ends to help brighten the color and allow it to blend in with the rest of the installation.

In the event that you are wrapping a hood or a wall that protrudes slightly, there are also corner pieces available to help you complete the design.


Ledge Stone Veneer
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Ledgestone comes in several beautiful colors that you can coordinate with your cabinetry and countertop. Like all natural stone, Ledgestone has some variation in color from piece to piece and even within one piece. This gives movement and interest to your backsplash and allows you to pick up secondary colors to use as accents in the rest of the room.

In addition, many shades also coordinate well with different stone collections, allowing you to mix and match Ledgestone with other stone veneers. This opens up even more possibilities for creating a unique backsplash design.

You can use Ledgestone along the counters with another veneer behind the cooktop or use Ledgestone as an accent wall to add character to the space. Whatever you choose, Ledgestone’s unique texture and finish help create a more interesting backsplash design.

Lighting and Shadow

Ledge Stone Veneer
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Undercabinet lighting is a popular addition to many kitchens. It allows you to include more specific task lighting to the design, making the kitchen safer and easier to use.

Undercabinet lighting also has the effect of highlighting your backsplash as well. With Ledgestone, the texture and rough finish of the stone create beautiful shadows when lit from above. This makes a more unique and interesting backsplash than a flat stone surface would give you.

If you’re looking for a backsplash design that’s going to have more character than a formal, polished tile would give you, Ledgestone does so in all lighting types and installation styles.

Create the Perfect Backsplash with Ledge Stone Veneer

Ledgestone stacked stone veneer backsplashes have a different look and style that is completely their own. They bring the beauty and warmth of natural stone, with a texture and tightly fitted style that lets them blend in with numerous settings. Your kitchen will have personality, character, and a design that sets it apart from the rest with a Ledgestone backsplash. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your kitchen style, consider Ledgestone to get the results you’re looking for.

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