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Painted concrete layered stools

How to Create Colorful Concrete Stools

These stained concrete stools are inexpensive, take a few hours over two days to make, and look great in the backyard. Here's the step-by-step guide!

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 11, 2020

We discuss how you can troubleshoot a faulty motion sensing light and how a spray foam insulated home should be ventilated.
National Gypsum Soundbreak XP Drywall

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | February 15, 2020

Need help soundproofing your home? This product keeps unwanted noises out! Also: a beam in Rich's basement is pushing a block, causing cracks to form on the home's exterior — learn what we can do about that, and more, here.
Basement block pushed by a beam

Adding Support to a Basement Beam

Danny and Joe welcome callers' questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Here's a question from our Feb. 15 broadcast: A beam in Rich's basement is pushing a block,...
Basement in older home

5 Reasons Your Basement May Flood This Winter

Basement floods are common during winter weather. Here are five reasons why your basement may flood this season.
Basement in older home

How to Waterproof a Basement

Basements are prone to water damage, particularly when there's plenty of rain. Here are tips to waterproof your basement.
Old attic with soot stains and moisture

How to Prevent Moisture in the Attic

If you have moisture in the attic, here's how to eliminate it.
Black attic stairway cover installed in an attic.

How to Easily Insulate An Attic

Pam has a unique way of keeping the cold out using cardboard and ALOT of tape. How she can winterize her home without creating a massive craft project every year.
Five home improvements that require Titebond Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

Why Construction Adhesive is the Handiest Product

Construction adhesive makes these home improvements — among others — much easier.