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May 8, 2023

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    Sears Windows feature custom-made, energy-efficient vinyl windows offered by Sears Home Services. They also provide home window replacement and installation services. 

    If you’re looking for the perfect window replacement in your home, then you might consider turning to Sears Windows. Here’s a comprehensive guide about everything you need to consider when it comes to buying a Sears Window.  It includes the pros and cons, costs, installation and maintenance, and warranty. 

    Sears Window Overview 

    Sears started as a direct-mail company, selling watches at North Redwood, Minnesota. The company then grew into a much larger retailer of general merchandise, home improvement services, home appliances, tools, and automotive parts.

    Sears windows are affordable, custom-built, fully-installed vinyl replacement windows. Their window frames are constructed from solid vinyl, which makes them durable. 

    Sears offers multiple styles of replacement windows, including Double Hung Window, Double Slider, Patio door, Bay Window, Bow Window, Garden Window, Geometric Fixed Window, End Venting Slider, Awning Window, and Picture Window. 

    Double Hung Windows feature an upper and bottom sash which can both be opened for ventilation, while the Double Slider has two side-by-side sashes that open and slide horizontally.

    The patio door, also known as a sliding door, features two panels—a fixed and a sliding door panel. It provides access from inside to the outside of the house.

    Bay windows have three fixed windows with two side panels extending outward from the house. With the windows angled out from the walls, more light goes in, and the design creates a more spacious look for the room. 

    Bow Windows have four panels that protrude from the walls, which is similar to a bay window. It also allows ample light and makes the room spacious. 

    Garden Windows are also known as the greenhouse window, a type of window often placed in a kitchen that showcases potted plants. It also lets in more light and displays space.

    Geometric Fixed Windows are available in different styles and shapes. Though the windows cannot be opened, they still provide light and beauty to your home. 

    End Venting Slider has three-pane windows with two operable sides and a fixed center panel. It’s great for wide openings and good air circulation from the outside.

    Awning Window is also known as a casement window. Its hinges open from the bottom, which provides good ventilation inside a house. Picture Window has a large fixed pane that doesn’t open. It allows ample light and maximizes the view of the outdoors.

    Sears windows come in different exterior colors, including White, Tan, Clay, Bronze, Brown, Earthtone, Hunter Green, and Mesa Red. They are also available in five interior woodgrain colors: Cherry, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Maple, and White.

    Pros and Cons


    Sears provides durable, energy-efficient windows, which are custom-built to suit your budget and fit perfectly in your home. All windows are Energy Star certified, which helps reduce energy loss, heating, and cooling costs. 

    The windows are built with a durable vinyl frame that protects them from rust, cracks, dents, rot, and chips. The frames are also constructed with 100% solid color vinyl, making the color permanent and resistant to peeling or flaking off.

    They also feature argon gas-filled double-pane windows, which provides double-strength and helps improve the efficiency of thermal insulation. It also offers low emissivity and eliminates drafts as well as air currents inside the room.

    Sears Windows also offers a varied selection of window styles, color options, window shapes, and glass types that suit every customer’s preference and needs within their budget. Moreover, Sears windows have a tilt-in feature, which makes cleaning the windows much easier. 

    Moreover, Sears Windows provides labor, installation, and financing, making the window replacement process easier and hassle-free for customers. 


    The only drawback of Sears Windows is the limited information about the materials used to create the windows and the lack of a defined manufacturer. The company also doesn’t offer many choices for other product lines and window manufacturers.

    There is also limited information about warranty coverage for the window replacement services.

    Price and Hidden costs

    Sears replacement window prices may vary, depending on the window style, shape, and size. A standard double-hung window typically costs between $600 to $1200, while the price of bow and bay windows’ ranges from $2000 or more.

    Sears offers three ways to pay for the window replacement service. A Sears in-home consultant will visit your home to learn about your goals and then discuss the options for the window replacement installation. The in-home consultant will then give you the estimate that meets your budget.

    You can also get a price estimate of the window replacement and discuss the financing and pricing options by phone. During the call, you have to provide the window measurements. You can also get a free estimate by filling out the form on the Sears website.


    Before installation, you have to provide the window measurement, including the width and height measurement of each window opening from inside your house. You also have to include dimensions, window shape, and quantity. 

    After sending the exact measurements, a professional installer provided by Sears Home Services will take the measurement and order the windows. The Sears professional window installer will be the ones to install or replace the windows to ensure the proper installation method and prevent any damage.

    Care And Maintenance

    Sears Windows are easy to clean and maintain, and the company provides maintenance tips and procedures for how to make a DIY cleaner. You can make a solution with 2 cups of water, ¼ cup vinegar, and ½ teaspoon dish soap.

    You can clean the windows by scrubbing them with a sponge brush and the DIY cleaner you made. You can also use paper towels to wipe the windows after spraying them with the cleaner. If you’re out of paper towels, you can opt for a newspaper or coffee filter instead.

    Sears Windows don’t need to be painted because of their 100% solid color vinyl frames.

    Sears Windows offer a Limited Warranty on Installation, which becomes effective upon the date the windows are installed. You can only see the the precise length of the warranty coverage once the contract is given. 


    Sears Windows is a good choice for homeowners who wish for a hassle-free window replacement installation because Sears Home Services takes care of everything—from the window measurement, pricing, financing to installation.

    If you’re also an eco-conscious buyer, Sears has more green points because they feature energy-efficient and Energy Star certified windows. You will also have the flexibility in choosing from their wide selection of window styles, shapes, and color options.

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