It’s no secret that windows are crucial for home ventilation, insulation, and comfort. But when it comes to window solutions, how do you decide which brand of window to choose?

Homeowners need to look at all angles. Things like window security, type of glass used, energy efficiency, design and style, warranty, and price all impact a buyer’s final decision. 


So what is it about Zola Windows and Martin that make them two solid brand contenders?

It’s time for the ultimate showdown: Zola Windows vs Marvin. Keep reading to explore which brand offers the best windows on the market.

Zola Windows Overview

In 2010, a Swiss-trained German architect named Florian Speier couldn’t find American windows to suit the needs of his projects. He discovered he wasn’t the only one searching for better window solutions. Thus, Zola Windows was born! It’s a window brand that specializes in economical, custom-made products for luxury homes. All windows are handcrafted in Europe and delivered straight to your door.

Marvin Windows Overview

Since 1912, Marvin has been a family-owned and operated business that strives to improve the way people spend time indoors. 

The Marvin Windows team delivers quality windows that last. Their goal is to provide seamless functionality for every space. This is a brand that pushes the boundaries of window design to improve energy performance and quality of life.

Window Security

Designed with security in mind, Zola Windows come with steel hook locks at multiple points. When manually closed and locked, the window creates a tight seal that is difficult to break. 

With Marvin, it’s possible to automate window security using smart home technology. 

The Marvin Lock Status Sensor is an optional upgrade that seamlessly integrates with security systems. Homeowners can use this upgrade to see if their windows are unlocked or locked the moment the windows are installed.

Type of Glass Used

The type of glass used in a window is critical for many reasons. The number of panes, Low-E Coatings, and seals all impact the longevity and performance of window glass. 

Selecting the right glass also matters for your home as it reduces utility bills and increases comfort and clarity of natural indoor light. 

Zola Windows offers a variety of passive house window glass line options. These glass offerings come with:

  • 1 – 2 Low-E Coatings
  • 2 – 5 seals
  • Between 64% – 74% clarity
  • 2 – 4 pane layers 

A Zola Windows lifespan ranges from 50 – 60(+) service life years.

The type of glass Marvin uses in their windows is insulated, coated, and can also be decorative.

You can buy Marvin windows with dual or triple-pane glass windows. Both pane types cut energy costs thanks to Low-E Coating(s) and argon gas insulation.

Window Energy Efficiency

Several different factors go into making windows energy efficient. 

  • U-factor: measures the total heat flow from inside to outside a home. 
  • Solar-Heat Gain: measures radiant heat. 
  • Low-E Coatings: prevent Solar-Heat Gains from passing through the glass without compromising light.

When it comes to Zola Windows vs Martin– How do they compare in terms of energy efficiency?  

Zola Windows offers windows that reduce heat loss to maintain optimum indoor temperatures. These windows also provide continuous insulation to prevent thermal bridges and air leaks. 

In fact, the first window certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) and Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) belongs to Zola Windows. It’s estimated that this window performs four times better compared to other triple-glazed windows. 

But what about Marvin

Marvin provides energy efficiency options for any climate like high altitude or harsh weather. 

It’s possible to select from a wide range of Marvin windows to make a home energy efficient. Each matches the crucial criteria required in sustainable building methods.

Design & Style Options

A window’s design and style are important considerations for your home. Choosing the right design and style is key for energy efficiency and fit.

Zola Windows offers classic European-style windows. Options include,  

  • Fixed 
  • Tilt & Turn
  • Tilt
  • Outswing
  • Awning
  • Simulated Double Hung

With Zola Windows it’s also possible to set panes in four frame materials: 

  1. Wood: An all-natural frame that does require maintenance and refinishing. Typically used on historic homes. 
  2. Aluminum: Best for windows with large panes of glass. Provides a slim profile with solid strength.
  3. uPVC: Foam-insulated is a great option for net-zero or passive house projects. An economical and high-performing frame.
  4. Clad wood: Wood on the inside for flexibility and warmth. Aluminum on the outside for maintenance-free shell protection. 

Marvin also offers a wide range of window design options including,

  • Awning
  • Bay and Bow
  • Casement
  • Corner
  • Double Hung
  • Picture
  • Specialty Shape
  • Single Hung
  • Sliding

When it comes to design, Marvin carries several collections. These collections offer a combination of interior and exterior window options. 

For example, the Ultimate Collection Windows is one option. It includes wood interiors and exteriors. Or you can also choose an aluminum-clad exterior. 

Both Zola and Marvin Windows offer plenty of customization options. From hardware and glass to screens and casings, these companies offer products that match the details of any home.


Window warranties are important should damage occur within a specified period. After delivery or installation, it’s possible to repair or replace the window without additional cost. 

Let’s explore Zola Windows vs Marvin warranties. How do they compare? 

Purchasing Zola Windows includes a 60-day warranty period. Most of their windows come with a 50 – 60 year lifespan.Marvin offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their windows. It applies to windows purchased and installed by Marvin.

Price Comparison

Both Zola Windows and Marvin offer a wide range of window solutions. The total cost depends on the type of windows selected, the number of windows required, delivery, and installation. 

On average, purchasing windows from Zola Window will cost $55,000. Since these windows ship from Europe, it’s important to factor in an additional 20% for a project.  

Purchasing a Marvin window with installation ranges from $540 – $2,6500 per window. 

It’s clear that Zola Windows and Marvin offer some of the best, energy efficient, high-performing windows on the market. 

But what it’s going to come down to in this Zola Windows vs Marvin showdown, is style, technology, and price. Zola Windows offer a European, extremely energy efficient style, is often pricier, and doesn’t yet offer automated security. Marvin windows aren’t as sleek but they offer better security and are often seen as the more affordable choice.

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