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May 9, 2023

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    Replacements of windows can be an expensive expenditure. Sunrise Windows hence offers a wide variety of styles and features while guaranteeing a reputable product is fitted.

    So, a Sunrise Windows review is a must to know its features. Let’s dig deeper and reflect on its advantages and drawbacks.

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    • Sunrise Windows is a Michigan-based window and door manufacturer. It has dealerships in 37 states and parts of Canada.
    • Sunrise Windows has developed and patented high-quality windows to mimic the stylish appearance of conventional windows.
    • Sunrise’s windows cost between $400 to $800 per window, plus the installation fees. The price depends on the size and style of the window.

    Sunrise Windows Overview

    Sunrise Windows is a Michigan-based window and door manufacturer. It has dealerships in 37 states and parts of Canada. The company has been in business since 1994 and provides 40 different window styles. 

    Unfortunately, dealers on the west coast and in many western states do not stock the windows. 

    Generally, Sunrise makes vinyl replacement windows, but customers can customize them. You can choose from casements, double-hung, bay, bow, and more. 

    Sunrise is producing five vinyl windows. The restoration type is one of the finest vinyl windows that the company offers.

    The standard series of Sunrise is one of the most beautiful vinyl windows besides the Sunrise Essentials. This series has the same frame, which is narrower than other top vinyl windows. 

    Take note; the Sunrise window with its inside of wood grain looks like wooden windows.

    Will Sunrise Suit Your Requirements?

    Sunrise Windows has developed and patented high-quality windows to mimic the stylish appearance of conventional windows. These windows passed the test to provide maximum advantages other replacement windows on the market cannot offer.

    However, some individuals don’t know how to insert window products correctly.


    Here are the upsides of purchasing Sunrise Windows for your home:

    • Better view. With Sunrise windows, you can improve the attractiveness of the outdoors. Sunrise windows are popular in enhanced outdoor pictures for small frames. This company provides up to 30 percent greater viewing area compared to comparable replacement windows. In addition, they give the greatest natural light passage. 
    • Highly durable. Sunrise produces high-quality side panels and headboards. Expect 1-1/8″ thick-sized oak veneer furniture compared to the typical three to robust frames. An anti-water penetration mechanism is present in Sunrise Windows. This feature avoids damage to moisture and water that is prevalent in the wet and cold seasons. 
    • Energy insulation efficient. Sunrise Windows is offering low air penetration rates that help you save energy. It can help you, especially in summer and winter. In addition, its weather barrier provides 50% greater protection than comparable goods on the market.
    • Enhance your home’s illumination. Sunrise Windows is an attractive addition to practically any home, owing to its capacity to let in additional light. During the day, they generate a wall of light that illuminates the room they are in. Additionally, natural light creates an environment that motivates many people to work harder and enhances their overall attitude.


    As you buy Sunrise, here are the drawbacks that you may encounter:

    • Safety and security. Intruders who are determined to break into your home may take advantage of the large opening of your window.
    • It may be difficult to add window treatment. A problem with Sunrise Windows occurs when you attempt to install a window treatment. To handle Sunrise Windows, a qualified specialist must maintain the windows’ beauty and integrity.
    • It offers limited possibilities for those on a shoestring budget. Sunrise windows are unquestionably a worthwhile investment. As a result, those who are forced to stretch their budgets and go for the least expensive choice may come to regret it. It is if the materials and installation of the windows are substandard. 

    Sunrise Windows Costs

    Sunrise Windows prices vary because of the broad number of window styles and types available. Single-hung windows are far less expensive than bay or bow windows, and so on. Many homeowners enjoy the appearance and elegance of some of the more upscale window options. As a result, these owners are willing to pay a premium for them.

    Sunrise’s windows cost between $400 to $800 per window, plus the installation fees. The price depends on the size and style of the window.

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    Take note; the price of Sunrise varies depending on your dealer. Hence, always compare quotes from local providers to get an accurate idea of the cost of your installation.

    Get a Windows Quote in 30 Seconds

    Sunrise Installation Procedure

    When you call a Sunrise Authorized Dealer for new windows and installation, you can anticipate the following: 


    The initial consultation enables the window dealer to ascertain the existing condition of your windows. Additionally, It is a time to learn more about the benefits of Sunrise replacement windows. Plus, you will learn about the numerous customization possibilities available.

    Project Proposal and Quotation

    After the session, the window dealer will give you a proposal. This proposal is based on the window designs you select and the number of windows required for your home. 


    After you accept the proposal, the window dealer will set an installation date that is convenient for you. A team of educated and experienced specialists will carefully install the windows. These experts adhere to or exceed all window installation standards throughout the process.

    Post-Installation Checks

    After the window installation is complete, the window dealer will do a quality check. Plus, the dealer will walk you through the window features. This step will address any final questions and guarantee your pleasure with your replacement windows.

    Sunrise Windows Maintenance

    Sunrise has paid considerable attention to the design and detailing of our windows to ensure that you spend less time maintaining and cleaning them. So, here is what you can expect:

    Maintenance tips: You should clean window glass and frames with moderate dish soap and water solution. Never use abrasive or acidic cleaners or solvents on the frame finish, as they may cause lasting damage. Mild, non-abrasive soaps are usually the safest choice for removing the majority of dirt and stains.

    Warranty: Sunrise provides a transferrable, lifetime, non-prorated warranty.

    Letting The Sun Rise In Your Homes

    Sunrise windows have received numerous positive online reviews. Customers are often satisfied with their affordable rates, high-quality products, and unique features. Additionally, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. 

    The lesson appears to be that Sunrise windows are a good choice for window replacement or new installation. It is if you choose your installer wisely!

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