If you’re planning to build a new construction window or upgrade your existing windows, choosing the right window product to achieve excellent lighting, energy efficiency, and ventilation inside your house is crucial. 

Choosing among a wide range of window products can be overwhelming. In your process of finding the best window brand, you might’ve come across JELD-WEN® and Simonton.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of every aspect you need to consider, including cost, warranty, specifications, energy efficiency, and window material variations.

Jeld Wen Windows Overview

JELD-WEN® is a manufacturer and distributor of home building products founded in 1960 by Richard Wendt.

The company offers energy-efficient wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows and high-quality exterior and interior timber doors.

They also provide residential and commercial new construction, repair, and remodeling products for buildings.

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JELD-WEN® Windows feature reliable and expertly designed, energy-efficient windows that are available in eight window styles, including Double-Hung, Single-Hung, Awning, Fixed, Sliding, Casement, Bay, and Bow Windows.

Their windows come in 12 window product lines, namely Custom™ Wood, Siteline® Wood and Clad-Wood, Brickmould Vinyl, Premium™ Vinyl (V-4500™), Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500™), Flat Casing Vinyl, W-5500™ Clad-Wood, W-2500™ Wood and Clad-Wood, DF™ Hybrid Vinyl, Builders Atlantic™ Aluminum, EpicVue® Clad-Wood, and Premium Atlantic™ Vinyl windows.

The available exterior colors for Custom™ Wood windows and EpicVue® Clad-Wood Window are Bone White, Brilliant White, Ivory, French Vanilla, Heirloom White, Mocha Cream, Desert Sand, Silver, Smoke, Stone, Flagstone, Cocoa, Surf, Sea Foam, Hunter Green, Moss, Hartford Green, Cranberry, Mesa Red, Stormy, Admiral, Navy, Steele Gray, Dark Chocolate, Chestnut Bronze, Luxury Bronze, and Black. 

The interior finish variations available include Primed, Paint Brilliant White, Paint Ivory, Paint Desert Sand, Paint Black, Paint Dove, Paint Gunmetal, AuraLast Pine Walnut, Knotty Alder Clear Lacquer, Vertical-Grain Douglas Fir Clear Laquer, Reclaimed Douglas Fir Walnut, Oak Kodiak, Walnut Cordovan, and Cherry Fruitwood, among others. 

They also offer nine wood options, including AuraLast® Pine, Mahogany, Cherry, Knotty Alder, Reclaimed Douglas Fir, Vertical-Grain Douglas Fir, Oak, Walnut, and Custom Species. They also have two available frame options, namely Block Frame/Replacement and Integral Nailing Fin.

For the product lines Premium™ Vinyl (V-4500) Windows and Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500) Window, they offer three woodgrain options: Light Oak Woodgrain, Cherry Woodgrain, and Dark Oak Woodgrain. Both product lines feature three interior colors, including White, Almond, and Desert Sand, and five exterior colors: White, Almond, Desert Sand, Black, and Bronze.

JELD-WEN®’s product line W-2500™ Clad-Wood Window has seven available exterior colors—Black, French Vanilla, Brilliant White, Mesa Red, Chestnut Bronze, Hartford Green, and Desert Sand.

It also has 14 interior finish options, including AuraLast Pine Americano, AuraLast Pine Clear Lacquer, AuraLast Pine Walnut, AuraLast Pine Charcoal, AuraLast Pine Fruitwood, AuraLast Pine Cordovan, AuraLast Pine Kodiak, Paint Brilliant White, Paint Black, Paint Gunmetal, Paint Ivory, Paint Desert Sand, Paint Dove, and Primed.

For Brickmould Vinyl Window, the available interior color options are White and Desert Sand with four exterior colors: White, Black, Desert Sand, and Bronze. Also, Flat Casing Vinyl Window is available in White and Desert Sand for interior and exterior color options, while Builders Atlantic™ Aluminum Window is only available in Bronze and White.

Moreover, both the product lines DF™ Hybrid Vinyl Window and Premium Atlantic™ Vinyl Window provide two exterior color variations: White and Desert Sand. For Premium Atlantic™ Vinyl Window, the interior colors available are White, Bronze, and Desert Sand, while DF™ Hybrid Vinyl Window is available in DF White, Black, Commercial Brown, Slate, and Pebble. 

To learn more about Jeld Wen Windows, please refer to our comprehensive article that provides a detailed review of Jeld Wen Windows.

Simonton Windows Overview

Simonton was founded in 1946 by Fred and Sybil Simonton and started as a manufacturer of excellent exterior aluminum products located in Pennsboro, West Virginia. It was first named Pen Vent Awning but was then changed into Simonton Windows in 1981.

Today, Simonton Windows features high-performing and energy-efficient windows and patio door lines with different structural styles suitable for new construction and replacement applications.

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Their windows are available in nine window styles, including Single Hung, Double Hung, Awning, Slider, Bay or Bow, Casement, Garden, Picture, and Geometric Windows.

Simonton comes in 12 window series, namely Simonton Reflections® 5050, Simonton Asure®, Simonton Reflections® 5500, Simonton ProFinish® Builder, Simonton ProFinish® Brickmould 600, Simonton Impressions®, Simonton ProFinish® Contractor, Simonton StormBreaker Plus®, DaylightMax, Simonton ProFinish® Brickmould 300, Verona, and Madeira. 

Their different window products are available in a wide selection of color variations, including Black, Cream, White, Chocolate, Tan, Brick, Pine, and Driftwood as their exterior color options. Their available woodgrain interior colors include White, Maple, Antique Cherry, Tan, Driftwood, and Oak. 

Moreover, Simonton Windows also offer six hardware finish choices, including Dark Bronze, Tan, Driftwood, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Nickel, and Polished Brass.

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Jeld Wen Windows vs Simonton Windows: Comparison

In general, the average of JELD-WEN® Windows products ranges from $25 to $85 per square foot, and that only includes the windows themselves. With the installation fees included, the standard price ranges from $175 to $2,250, depending on the window material, style, and size.

For the most accurate price of JELD-WEN® Window and Simonton Window products, you can get them through the authorized distributors, dealers, or stores available. The list of authorized contractors per state is available on the JELD-WEN® and Simonton’s websites.

The standard price of Simonton Windows ranges from $200 to $1200 per window, and if the installation fees are included, it would range from $500 to $1,500 per installed window.

You can also get the most accurate pricing for Simonton Windows through a free in-home consultation. The professional contractors will give you financial options that fit your budget based on your preference and needs.

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JELD-WEN® Windows offer a 20-Year Limited Warranty coverage for their window series Custom Wood, W-2500™ Clad-Wood, Siteline® Clad-Wood, W-5500™ Clad-Wood, and EpicVue® Clad-Wood. They also offer a 10-Year Limited Warranty coverage for Builders Atlantic™ Aluminum. 

Moreover, the Lifetime Limited Warranty includes the coverage for the Premium™ Vinyl (V-4500), Flat Casing Vinyl, Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500), DF™ Hybrid Vinyl, Brickmould Vinyl, and Premium Atlantic™ Vinyl.

For residential warranty holders, Simonton Windows offers a Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty that is transferable by the original owner to the approved subsequent holder. The warranty coverage applies to vinyl parts, hardware, and screens.

For commercial and multi-resident warranty holders, Simonton Windows provide a 10-Year Limited Warranty coverage that is transferable within the 10-year warranty period. It applies to vinyl parts, hardware, and laminated glass. It also offers three years of warranty coverage for factory-applied exterior coating.

JELD-WEN® Windows are ENERGY STAR® and National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Certified, which makes their windows sustainable, energy-efficient, and qualified to meet the green construction practices. 

Their window products have Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass, which reduces the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the house without inhibiting the ample natural light that enters. Low-E glass windows can also reflect heat and help maintain a consistent interior temperature due to their thin coating. 

JELD-WEN® Windows also inhibit condensation, which helps keep the house warm during winter and cooler in summer. Moreover, their product line AuraLast® wood windows use a vacuum pressure process that helps put all protective components inside the core of the wood to provide protection. It also helps reduce volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from entering.

Simonton Windows offer eco-friendly window products that are ENERGY-STAR certified. Their windows are energy-efficient as they help reduce heat transfer while allowing excellent insulation properties.

They also feature Low-emissivity windows filled with argon gas that helps reduce the ultraviolet and infrared light that enters the house while allowing natural light to come in. 

Simonton Windows also features triple-pane windows with three layers of silver that have excellent insulation properties, which prevents fading while reducing the cooling and heating costs.

JELD-WEN® window materials are made of aluminum, clad-vinyl, clad-wood, vinyl, and wood. For the available wood species, JELD-WEN® Windows use Pine, Mahogany,  Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Douglas Fir, Vertical-Grain Douglas Fir, Knotty Alder, Reclaimed Douglas Fir, and other custom species. 

Simonton Windows, on the other hand, offers high-performing, engineered windows that are typically made of four material variations: vinyl, aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, and wood composite.

Jeld Wen Windows vs Simonton Windows: Final Showdown

Both JELD-WEN® Windows and Simonton Windows feature high-performing and energy-efficient windows with a wide range of available product series and decorative options for residential and commercial applications. Both brands provide ENERGY-STAR certified window products that help reduce heating and cooling costs while keeping the environment of your house comfortable and safe.

If you want high-performing, eco-friendly and engineered windows, Simonyon Windows suits you best. If you want new construction or replacement windows with great warranty coverage at a much affordable price, then JELD-WEN® Windows can provide that for you.

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