Today’s new construction and replacement windows are available in a wide selection of window types, designs, and sizes, and choosing what’s best for your window improvement project can be overwhelming.

In your process of finding the ideal window brand, you might’ve come across the two—Marvin Windows and Harvey Windows. So how do you decide which window is the right one for you?

Below is the breakdown of everything you need to take into account—cost, warranty, specifications, durability, and energy efficiency.

Marvin Windows Overview

In 1912, George G. Marvin started as a family-owned cedar and lumber company located in Warroad, Minnesota, with the name Marvin Timber & Cedar Company. The name was later changed to Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company.


Today, Marvin Windows and Doors manufacture new construction and replacement windows, doors, skylights, and spaces. The company features custom-built windows, which are available in 10 window types: Awning, Bay & Bow, Casement, Corner, Double-Hung, Picture, Picture Specialty Shapes, Single-Hung, Sliding, and Storefront Windows.

Marvin Windows is available in three collections, namely Marvin Signature, Marvin Elevate, and Marvin Essential. Marvin Signature Collection features three product lines, namely Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline.

Ultimate comes in 19 exterior clad color options: Ebony, Bahama Brown, Bright Silver Pearlescent, Bronze, Cadet Gray, Cascade Blue, Cashmere, Clay, Coconut Cream, Copper Pearlescent, Evergreen, Gunmetal, Hampton Sage, Liberty Bronze Pearlescent, Pebble Gray, Sierra White, Stone White, Suede, and Wineberry. 

The available standard wood options for interior finish are Black Walnut, Cherry, Mixed Grain Douglas Fir, Honduran Mahogany, Pine, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, and White Oak, while the stained wood options are Cabernet, Clear Coat, Espresso, Hazelnut, Honey, Leather, and Wheat. They also feature three painted wood color options, namely Designer Black, Primed White, and White.

For the Coastline product line, the available exterior and interior finish for clad color and wood options are Bronze, Clear Anodized, English Oak, Hazelnut, Honey Cherry, Black Kynar, Bronze Kynar, White Kynar, Red Cinnamon, Walnut, and White.

The Modern product line features five color options for the exterior finish: Gunmetal, Bronze, Ebony, Silver, and Stone White and five interior finish options as well, including Stone White, Clear Anodized, Ebony, Bronze, and Gunmetal.

Marvin Elevate Collection comes in six exterior finish options, namely Bronze, Cashmere, Ebony, Evergreen, Pebble Gray, and Stone White, and has four interior finish options, including Bare Pine, Clear Coat, Designer Black, and Prefinished White.

For the Marvin Essential Collection, the available exterior finish options are Bronze, Cashmere, Ebony, Evergreen, Evergreen, and Stone White and have three interior finish options, including Bronze, Ebony, and Stone White.

Harvey Windows Overview

Harvey Windows was founded in 1961 and started as a manufacturer and distributor of aluminum siding, storm windows, and doors. Today, the company manufactures home-building products, including custom-built new construction and replacement windows, doors, and accessories.


Harvey Windows features top-rated energy-efficient windows, which come in 12 window types: Double Hung, Single Hung, Casement, Awning, Hopper, Rolling, Gliding, Picture, Bay & Bow, Garden, and Custom Shapes Windows. Their windows are also available in three product lines, namely Vinyl Windows, Majesty Wood Windows, and Pro Installation Time Savers.

The company offers White Vinyl and Almond Vinyl as its exterior vinyl finish options and Dark Bronze and Dark Bronze as its Stocked Paint Colors. They also offer six standard paint colors, including Universal Brown, Bronze, Cranberry, Wedgewood, Ivory, and Forest Green.

The available interior finishes are Prefinished White and Pine, while the exterior paint colors are White, Almond, Forest Green, Black, and Dark Bronze. 

Moreover, Harvey Windows offers five-screen options, namely FlexScreen, Extruded Aluminum Frame, Roll Form Frame, Views Mesh, and Fiberglass Mesh. Their vinyl hardware options include Sweep Lock, Cam Locks, Dual-Action Lock, and Compact Folding Handle with four vinyl hardware finishes: White, Almond, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed.

They also offer three wood window hardware options, including a Recessed Sash Lock, Compact Folding Handle, and Awning Handle with six majesty hardware finishes: White, Almond, Coppertone, Brasstone, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows: Cost Comparison

The standard industry price of Marvin Windows typically ranges from $900 to $1600 per window, with the installation and labor costs included. The price varies, depending on the window product line, design options, window size, and type. 

For the Marvin Signature Collection, the price typically ranges from $1400 to $1500. It includes the materials, installation costs, and third-party contractor fees already. The price of the Marvin Elevate Collection ranges from $1100 to 1200, while the Marvin Essential Collection ranges from $900 to $1050. 

You may also get the exact price of both Marvin Window products by contacting a Marvin Window authorized dealer vary. You can request the most accurate new construction, replacement, or remodel window project estimate by checking Marvin’s website and finding the nearest expert in your area.

Harvey Windows is a wholesale manufacturer, and to get the most accurate estimate of the price, you must directly shop or contact their authorized dealers or distribution network.

In general, the standard price of Harvey Windows ranges from $350 to $1500, including the window materials and installation costs. The total price may also vary, depending on the selected window type, window material, color choice, and product line for your window project.

Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows: Warranty Comparison

Marvin Windows offer a Limited Warranty to all Marvin Collections and product lines, including Marvin Signature®,  Marvin Elevate®, and Marvin Essential windows. The warranty applies to the original owner where the Marvin products are installed and is transferable. 

The Limited Warranty covers 10 years for non-glass components, hardware products, including stainless steel hardware. For the standard exterior aluminum cladding finish, the warranty applies for 20 years against manufacturing defects resulting in fading, peeling, or loss of adhesion. 

Moreover, the Limited Warranty covers five years free from Finish defects, including chalking, cracking, flaking, blistering, fading, and delamination. 

Harvey Windows offer a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty, which applies to all vinyl windows products, including the extruded vinyl, screening, locks, sash retainers, keepers, and balances. The warranty covers 20 years for the insulating glass against material defects. 

A Limited Warranty applies to Majesty Custom Clad Wood Windows, which covers 20 years of warranty for insulation glass against material obstruction and a 10-year warranty for aluminum and wood structural members. 

Both warranties apply to residential applications and the original purchaser/owner and subsequent owner where the materials were installed.

Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows: Durability Comparison

The aluminum frames of Marvin Windows are extruded and engineered to withstand harsh conditions, such as hurricanes, high winds, and severe storms. They also help withstand swelling and distorting caused by exposure to extreme temperature and humidity, as well as flying debris caused by high winds. 

Moreover, Marvin Windows features high-density, proprietary fiberglass with a frame design that enhances the durability and thermal performance of the windows. Their fiberglass can withstand harsh elements and is eight times stronger than other window materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood composites. 

With the fiberglass material incorporated, their windows have good resistance against cracking, chalking, peeling, and fading. They also feature impact glass with multi-point locks that provide noise reduction and additional security and protection against breaking in.

Harvey Wood Windows use Pinewood components, which are specially treated to resist mildew, rot, splitting, warping, and degradation. They also incorporate extruded aluminum on the frame that enhances the durability and strength of windows and helps protect them from outdoor conditions. 

Moreover, they use an electrostatic paint process onto the aluminum-clad surfaces of windows that enhance their resistance to fading.

Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows: Energy Efficiency Comparison

Marvin Windows features ENERGY STAR certified windows, meaning they are proven and tested to be energy-efficient products that follow the qualifications in minimizing environmental impact. They also help reduce heating and cooling costs, energy consumption, and heat transfer while keeping the house comfortable and safe. 

Moreover, Marvin Windows also incorporate Low-E coatings that hinder the amount of the sun’s ultraviolet rays entering while allowing ample light to enter the house. 

Harvey Windows have a high air filtration rating, meaning their windows can effectively filter dust and other contaminants and stop them from leaking inside the house. Their vinyl windows have multiple air chambers, frames, and sash that provide excellent thermal insulation.

Their windows feature weatherstripping that protects the windows against air leakage. They also use Low-E coated glass that reflects infrared rays and ultraviolet rays that stop temperature transference and fading of interior furnishings.

Moreover, Harvey Windows use multiple panes filled with glass in between to enhance the window’s insulation performance.

Marvin Windows vs Harvey Windows: Final Showdown

If you want top-rated durable, and energy-efficient windows with a wide selection of product lines, design options, and good warranty coverages—Marvin Windows can provide that for you. They also offer engineered windows that can windows harsh climate and weather conditions, then Marvin Windows is the ideal choice among the two brands.

If you are aiming for a much more affordable new construction or replacement window product with high performance and energy efficiency, then Harvey Windows will fit your needs and budget.

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