Replacement windows are designed to be installed in the existing frame of your home. This avoids the removal of any exterior elements and allows for an easy and less invasive installation.

Simonton offers a wide range of replacement windows that are energy-efficient, easy to install, and also very affordable. Meanwhile, Andersen Windows is a great option for homeowners who want professional installation, vast options, quality products, and the best customer service.

Let’s get to know more about the differences in costs, materials, warranty, and more in this article.

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    Simonton Windows Overview 

    Though founded in 1964, the Simonton Company only rose to success after it rebranded to Simonton Windows in 1981. They have been recognized for manufacturing vinyl windows, which feature high efficiency and greater durability.

    The Simonton brand is known for its quality products delivered with the highest level of customer service. In 2021, ENERGY STAR® even recognized the company as one of the Most Efficient Products, an award designated to the best-performing windows company in the market.

    Leading products of Simonton vary from different types of new and replacement vinyl windows, customizable for different purposes and functions. 

    Andersen Windows Overview 

    Hans Andersen and his family founded Andersen Corporation in 1903. Since then, it has been a global leader in the manufacturing of both window and door products. Just this year, the corporation earned the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award due to its long-time commitment to sustainability.

    Andersen has built a reputation for quality and innovation recognized by their own Andersen Windows and Renewal.

    The Andersen Windows brand focuses on architectural windows design series. The Renewal by Andersen, in comparison, offers a complete window replacement service, including all glass replacements. 

    To get a more detailed perspective on the services they offer, we encourage you to peruse our comprehensive review of Renewal by Anderson.

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    Andersen vs. Simonton: Cost Comparison

    Let’s compare the average retail price of Andersen and Simonton Replacement Windows. Some of the prices given here may be slightly different from the actual store price, but the goal is to give you an initial idea of how the two leading companies price their products.

    The standard Andersen price per window is $200 to $400 for double-hung windows (100, 200, and 400 Series) and $215 to $2100 for other varieties (Picture, Sliding, Casement, Awning, Bay Windows). This price excludes the installation cost of $300 to $550 and the cost of additional upgrades you wanted for your window.

    On the other hand, Simonton prices cost $300 to $435 per double-hung window with a range of $405 to $578 for installation cost. However, the Simonton Windows Prism Series costs $200 to $1,100 depending on the type and the size.

    Andersen vs. Simonton: Warranty Coverage

    In both products, a limited warranty applies, which states specific conditions to be considered eligible. 

    Andersen offers a limited warranty of 10 years for non-glass products and 20 years for glass windows. What’s also good about this is that the warranty is transferable even if the housing unit is sold. It will be a practical choice for those who don’t plan to settle in a specific location for long.

    Meanwhile, Simonton offers a double lifetime limited warranty for households and 10 years limited warranty for commercial buildings. The double lifetime warranty is particularly useful for those who aim for long-lasting windows at home.

    Andersen vs. Simonton: Premium Quality Materials

    Today, consumers are demanding more than just the best products and services. Customers want premium materials as these are supposed to function better and last longer.

    Each Andersen Windows Series is made of different materials, making them suitable for specific functions and purposes. 

    Below is the frame composition of various Andersen Series:

    • A-Series – Wood; Composite; Fiberglass
    • E-Series – Wood; Aluminum
    • 100 Series – Composite
    • 400 Series – Wood; Vinyl
    • 200 Series – Wood; Vinyl

    Listed are short descriptions of each material used by Andersen’s for your reference:

    • Wood – The most common component of a high-quality Andersen’s Window. It is durable, a good insulator, and provides a traditional appearance to your windows.
    • Composite – Combination of wood, metal, and vinyl parts; fusing as one stronger material that resists moisture effectively and provides twice the durability of other materials.
    • Aluminum – An alloy that functions as cladding that covers and protects the exterior window frame from damage caused by different weather conditions.
    • Vinyl – is the most energy-efficient material for windows and is used as cladding in the 200 and 400 Andersen Series.
    • Fiberglass – This material is unique to the A-Series. It is tested to be durable, weather-resistant, and requires less maintenance compared to other materials.

    Simonton window materials are recognized for being focused on energy efficiency and durability.

    • Premium Vinyl – the primary energy-efficient material used by Simonton. Used for frames and acts as an insulator and conductor that prevents heat from penetrating the window.
    • Low-E Coatings – thin coating applied to the glass to refract heat and block UV rays.
    • Spacer Systems – a part that separates the layers of glass; allows the gas to stay between the glass panes for added thermal insulation.
    • Laminated glass – a component that reduces outside noise and provides stronger resistance to impact for Simonton window
    • Argon Gas – Non-toxic and lightweight gas used as an insulator between glass panes.

    Andersen vs. Simonton: Energy Efficiency 

    Energy saving has always been a major focus in the industry, and energy-efficient products have become a necessity for consumers. To make things easier: here is the comparison of energy efficiency for the two products.

    Andersen’s brand is known for its commitment to sustainability. The primary source of energy efficiency in this product comes from their frame materials and double-pane glass. Consequently, the consumers are expected to save electricity, experience more comfort, and lessen the home’s carbon footprint.

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    The utilization of premium vinyl framing, on the other hand, is the trademark of Simonton. Paired with weather-proof and energy-efficient materials (low-E coating, spacers, laminated glass, argon glass), they remain true to their promise of being one of the most energy-efficient window brands that exist in the current market.

    Andersen vs. Simonton: Best Replacement Window

    Andersen is not only known for their replacement windows as they are also known for their excellent customer service. The company is even recognized with an A+ rating due to exceptional response to customer complaints and providing consumers the highest satisfaction possible.

    Furthermore, Andersen also offers a variety of options and accessories for their windows. Listed below are some of the personalized options that you may also consider for your window.

    • Glass Options
    • Wood Grilles
    • Window Hardware
    • Insect Screens 
    • Blinds and Shades
    • Smart Home Solutions (Smart-Lock Feature)
    • Art Glass

    Simonton, on the other hand, offers a different approach to their key features. The premium vinyl guarantees a durable and energy-efficient window and an investment for the higher resale value of houses. Aside from reflecting heat, their Low-E glass also protects both the flooring and furniture at home. 

    They also offer insulating glass packages that reduce outdoor noises, thereby increasing comfort. An enhanced lock feature also secures your family by preventing unwanted force entry. 

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    Simonton vs. Andersen Windows: Which is the Best?

    To wrap it up, Andersen Windows is the best option for those looking for a product with a lot of variety, functionality, and excellent overall service. Their 20-year warranty, even if not lifetime, will still secure you enough until the time for another replacement window. The cost is also good as they also offer an affordable yet premium quality window for their customers.

    However, If you are looking for the most efficient, affordable, and flexible window choices, the Simonton Windows might be just for you. Their customizable windows made from energy-efficient materials will certainly save you from unnecessary electricity costs. 

    The increased comfort brought by noise reduction and enhanced lock features, paired with the double lifetime warranty, will surely make you choose them for your home. 

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