Time is money for contractors, and every second counts, so they can’t afford to waste any time or money on products that slow down drywall installation.

That’s why more contractors are turning to PURPLE XP® Drywall, featuring GridMarX® installation guide marks, provided by National Gypsum Company.

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What are GridMarX Guide Marks?

GridMarX — standard on all 4-foot-wide gypsum board manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC and provided by National Gypsum Company — are patented installation guide marks printed on the board’s face paper.

These marks — seen at 16-inch, 24-inch, and 32-inch increments across the field of the board — help installers quickly identify fastener lines for studs and joist framing.

Benefits of using GridMarX

One of the biggest advantages to contractors in using GridMarX installation guide marks is the significant savings on material and labor. With GridMarX, contractors can quickly identify the fastener pattern, which makes installation faster and more efficient.

The innovation — which can be invaluable for apprentices learning the ropes of the construction industry — removes the need to snap chalk or pencil lines. It’s useful for both vertical and horizontal applications, too.

In a vertical application, GridMarX help you identify the exact location of framing members behind the gypsum board. In a horizontal application, GridMarX serve as a reference point to help you locate framing members along the length of the board. When installing ceilings, GridMarX provide a reference point for locating joists.

Using GridMarX also makes finishing and inspection easier, and can even reduce the potential for fastening through pipes and wires.

GridMarX in Action

Steve Greene, with Holley Homes in Mobile, Ala., knows a thing or two about getting the job done right. He’s completed more than 5,000 projects with the custom home builder that’s been in the business for around 25 years.

“The commitment to me with my customers is to make sure that their house exceeds their expectations,” Greene says. “I have zero complaints that I know of — that’s by my biggest satisfaction.”

His secret to exceeding customers’ expectations? Using quality materials to finish the job on time. For Greene, that means turning to PURPLE XP® Drywall.

“One of the things a lot of people don’t see when cutting drywall — some tend to crumble and don’t cut right,” Greene says. “The peace of mind that comes with the National Gypsum products is the consistency; the quality.”

But quality alone won’t wow clients — contractors also need to be reliable when it comes to their projected completion date. So, working with materials that are easy to install, like PURPLE XP Drywall featuring GridMarX, is a must, he says. 

“One of the big advantages with GridMarX is when you’re hanging it — whether (as) a professional or an amateur — it helps you line up,” Greene says. “You don’t have to go mark all your floors. So, as you’re working your way across it, you just simply can follow your patterns. And, it has it marked out for you, (showing) you the proper installation of your screw patterns.”

Learn More About GridMarX

GridMarX on PURPLE XP drywall eliminates the need for manual measuring and marking, saving contractors time and money while increasing overall accuracy and reducing waste.

To learn more, visit GoldBondBuilding.com

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