Behind the DIY: Accent Walls Enhance North Carolina Home

Accent Wall #1
Brittany Klingler used painter’s tape to create a pattern for her accent walls.

TH fan Brittany Klingler says she painted accent walls in her New Bern, North Carolina home using tips she learned from Today’s Homeowner.

accent wall
Using a level is necessary for this painting project.

“I used [3M] painter’s tape recommended by Chelsea and grabbed a long ruler level and my fifth-grade math skills,” Brittany says.

Accent wall
Attention to detail — such as working around the thermostat — is crucial for this project.

“For the first wall, I chose [a horizontal pattern] on the upstairs area because I wanted to add a visual lengthening. I chose all those colors for the first wall because those are all the colors around the walls in my home. So, basically, that wall ties all my color choices together and uses up my leftover paint nicely.”

And for the second wall?

“I used more subdued colors because the pattern stands out on its own,” Brittany says. “I didn’t want either wall color to hit a person in the face; I wanted it to be like, ‘Oh, wow, look at that.’

Accent Wall #2
Brittany lives 30 minutes from the ocean, so she wanted her second wall’s color scheme to reflect that.

“The pattern is the reverse of the first wall … I liked the idea of more vertical lines on the second wall. The colors of the second wall go with my theme of more of an ocean cool scene since I am 30 minutes from the ocean. It is important to tie in colors from the home, too…”

What were some lessons Brittany learned along the way?

“[The] first wall took forever because of math and angles being harder with doors and vents,” she says. “Took two months but I always went back through and painted out the pencil marks left behind.

“The second wall went much faster since it is smaller and only has a window in the way. So, about three weeks. I painted everything two to three coats, too!”

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