Wall decor is a major part of a harmonized home decor and with the right accessories, colors, and elements on your walls, you get to create a homely and pleasant atmosphere. So, let’s start with some great wall decor ideas. 

1. Large-Scale Art Wall Decor Ideas

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Pick an oversized painting of your favorite scenery or a large photograph with subtle colors and shapes and you will introduce an amazing statement piece in your room. 

2. Black and White Photos

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Black and white photography or paintings can provide a nice contrast and a statement piece at the same time. 

3. Gallery Wall

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Nothing adds color, personality, and warmth to your home like a gallery wall. Pick your favorite photos of you, your family, and friends, and pick subtle and cohesive frames. 

4. Go with a Single Statement Piece

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Instead of making the wall look busy, you can opt for a single statement piece that will create a whole different atmosphere in the room. One option is visiting Skull Bliss and picking your favorite carved animal skull that will transform your room as soon as you hang it. 

5. Hang up Your Pots and Pans

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This creates extra vertical storage in your kitchen, while everything is organized and the walls are decorated. Plus, you have easy access to your pots and pans. 

6. Use Guitars 

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Also, you can hang your favorite guitar or restore an old one and turn it into a fabulous wall decor piece. Whether you know how to play and play frequently, by hanging them on the wall, they are on display and you can easily access them. 

7. Create an Accent Wall

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Instead of hanging things on the wall, you can also transform the wall itself into an accent wall. Use a bright and bold paint color to do so.

8. Venetian Masks

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There numerous shapes and sizes of them, and their decoration and colors are simply mesmerizing. So, pick a few you like and decorate a wall in the hallway or your reading nook and transform it with ease. 

9. Go with Bricks

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Another way to create an accent wall is to put up a wallpaper with exposed bricks and go for a faux brick look that will provide great contrast. 

10. Use Fabric

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Tapestry and wall hanging can really add color and pattern into any room. Also, fabric on walls provides warmth and softness to a space. 

11. Wall Moldings

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You should be bold and do wall moldings, and the bolder you go, the richer and more exciting it looks. You can make square shapes and simply hang some abstract art in the middle, and your staircase will never look dull.

12. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Mirrors are not just for looking at how pretty you are, they can also transform any room. Since mirrors reflect light, they help make any small space look bigger and brighter. 

13. Hang Plates

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If you have some fine china that you don’t use but like keeping, why hide it? Simply, hang your favorite china plates on wire plate hangers and display your favorite dishes and create an artistic wall decor. 

14. Frame Botanicals

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Whether it’s just paintings or photos of plants or actual dried flowers, these can provide a natural and stunning wall decor. 

15. Hang Potted Plants

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Plants are an essential part of any interior decor, but don’t just keep them on your windowsill. Instead, pick your favorite succulents, plant them in simple pots, and spread them around the walls. 

16. Make a Magnetic Wall

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This wall decor goes great in kids’ rooms! You can turn a wall into a magnetic one and use magnets in the shapes of letters and let your kids play and learn at the same time. 

17. Hang an Oversized Calendar

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A large calendar can be a nice addition to a home office or your kitchen wall. It lets you keep track of important dates, while some bold colors and fun fonts can bring positivity and spirit into any room. 

18. Add a Whiteboard or a Chalkboard

Walls with a purpose are some of the best walls. You can hang a chalkboard or a whiteboard on the wall of your home office and instantly change how the room feels. 

19. Show off Your Books

We all have book collections worth seeing, so why not set them up on several shelves in every room, and instantly bring warmth and color to any room. 

20. A Basket Wall

Find colorful baskets that you like and that will go with the rest of the room, find them in several sizes, and simply add them to your wall. 

21. Mount the TV on the Wall

This way, you are decorating the wall, since the black screen is a great contrast to any brightly colored wall, and you are freeing up some space on the dresser.

22. Feather Art

Almost anything can be turned into wall art, and the same goes for feathers. You can create some mesmerizing juju hat decor if you opt for feathers, and provide a soft touch to any naked wall in your home. 

23. Turn Crates into Shelves

Cover a whole wall with neutral crates and you will get rustic-like decor as well as extra storage on the walls. Here, you can display your books, beautiful vases, knick-knacks, and other items you simply love showing off. 

24. DIY Pallet Frames

Or, you can use palettes from the crates to create your own frames. With these, you get to frame your favorite photos, kids’ art, or images, but the colorful frames will provide that extra something and change the vibe in your room. 

25. Hang Up Your Hats

With hats on display, your wall will look great, the texture will provide softness and bright and neutral colors of the hats can easily provide a nice blend of colors on a white and bare wall. 

26. Retro Movie Posters

It is always a great idea to hang up a poster of your favorite movie framed in a simple frame. Or you can opt for retro movie posters and provide that rustic feel in your home. 

27. Dried Flowers

We all keep bouquets of pretty flowers on our tables and dressers, but how about hanging those pretty plants on the wall? Even when they are dried up, flowers still look beautiful and provide some color pops to the room. 

28. Polka Dot Canvases

Polka dot art is geometrical, colorful and it will provide a whimsical feel to any room.

29. Magic with String Lights

Any bedroom can turn from dull to romantic and cozy with a few string lights. Pick the barest blank wall and create magic with these lights in seconds. 

30. Paint a Mural

Murals certainly provide life and color to any wall, and you can either hand-paint one or find a wall cover. 

31. Install Shelves

This way, you get some extra storage, as well as a place for decorative pieces.

32. Add Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural scones or other kinds of decorative lamps…

These provide extra lighting as well as symmetry when placed on the opposite sides of one wall. 

33. Hang a Personalized Map

Everybody loves to travel!

Make every trip and travel adventure memorable and decorate your room!

34. Prop Up a Ladder

If your minimalistic looking room lacks something, you can always prop up a ladder against the wall to fill the void, and you can use them whenever you need to reach something high. 

35. Rustic Reclaimed Wood

Layer the wall with rustic reclaimed wood to create some contrast into your home interior and provide warmth and a nice place to hang a few photos. 

36. Vinyl Records

There is nothing more retro than vinyl records. So, pick your favorites you’ve been keeping forever and hang them up on the wall to provide personality to the room.

37. A Statement Fireplace

This will take up the main wall in the room, provide a statement decor piece and you will have a place for the warmth of a fire in your home. 

38. Antique Hand Mirrors

This is another great idea for a gallery wall. However, you get the magic that mirrors make by reflecting light, and you get an antique wall decor. 

39. Tape it Up

Use washi tape to create your own colorful and stylish frames and hang pictures inside them!

40. Use Clipboards

Just like washi tape, clipboards can serve as artsy and creative frames. 

41. Pegboards

These provide extra vertical storage, and you can hang practically anything on them in order to provide wall accessories and extra decor. 

42. Hooks and Hangers

With these, you can use fabrics and clothes as wall decor or any of your accessories.

43. Hang 3D Art

Wall 3D art has become a huge trend lately and for a reason. Sleek and simple lines, geometrical shapes are always welcome on walls, and you can pick your favorite paper animal trophy, favorite flower, and whatnot as your new wall 3D art. 

44. Try New Shapes

Instead of going for the traditional square-shaped art, try out paintings in new different shapes, such as circle, triangle, etc. 

45. Mix Eclectic Frames

Hang silhouettes in eclectic and mismatched frames and bring them to life! This way, such images won’t look outdated and various small frames will bring creative spirit into your house.

46. String Art

Pick your favorite animal, word, or a flower and create some great string art for your wall. 

47. Children’s Art

Let your kids’ art turn your walls into their own mini-galleries. 

There are thousands of ways to decorate the bare walls, you simply need to be creative. Don’t leave them empty and turn the decor in your home into something beautiful and personal. 

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