There are few things more popular for decor in the home than real wood. Whether it’s used on the walls, the floor, or the ceiling, wood brings warmth, beauty, and character to any place that it’s installed. For the bedroom, which often has little visible floor space, one of the best ways to incorporate the look and warmth of real wood is with the use of wall panels.

Bedroom wall panels can be a great way to create a focal point or an accent in the room. They can also help create ambiance and bring a unique sense of style to the room. Bedroom wall panels are incredibly versatile, so you can use them to create a variety of different looks.

A Growing Trend – Wood Wall Panels

Wall panels have been growing in popularity for several years. Wood surfaces used in interior design have been found to have a positive impact on the people who view them, referred to as “visual comfort”. Wood makes spaces look warmer and more natural, and may provide the added benefit of helping to lower stress for the inhabitants. 

Accent walls, in general, became popular several years ago as a way to highlight a section of a room or to create a focal point. It can be done by using a solid color, but it quickly became popular to use a different material, rather than paint. Wood wall panels, which are easy to install (and are available in a wide range of colors, tones, and styles), became a great way to create a focal point and call attention to a specific part of the room, while also helping to visually warm the space. 

Using Wood Wall Panels in the Bedroom

Bedroom wall panels can be used in much the same way that accent walls are used in other rooms of the home. They can call attention to a specific section of the room or they can become a backdrop for other items or furnishings that automatically draw the eye.

In the bedroom, the most logical place to use wall panels is behind the head of the bed. Using wall panels in this area can help create the look of a larger and more dramatic headboard. Since the head of the bed is a natural place for the eye to focus, having wood wall panels help to draw the eye even more, and gives you something of interest to look at. The wood wall panels have different grains, textures, and colors which gives it character and makes it something that people want to look at.

Functional Wall Panels

Wood is versatile enough that you can create a custom design that will benefit virtually any area. For example, you can create a headboard above a bed to include some task lighting, or build shelves or drawers into the wall to give you additional storage. This can help make the most of small rooms and spaces where the bed takes up the majority of the space. 

Wood wall paneling can be used to line the backs of niches, create a custom headboard for your bed, become the backdrop for a TV or entertainment center, or it can be used to frame out a bedroom fireplace. Because wood is so easy to work with and install, you can make better, more functional wall paneling, rather than relying on accent material that doesn’t allow for personalization or customization. 

The Look and Style of Bedroom Wall Panels

One of the best things about wood is its ability to provide so many different styles and features. Wall panels can be rustic in appearance, with reclaimed wood panels available which have nail holes, saw marks, and a natural patina that will enhance rustic-style homes. You can also find new cut wood wall panels that can be finished and stained in a variety of colors to match any decor. 

Wood wall panels can be created from a single species of wood for greater consistency, or you can use a blend of antique woods to bring a lot of different colors and movement to the design. Whether you’re creating a sleek, modern bedroom and need some wood to warm it up, or you’re creating a rustic and rural-style bedroom and you need a rich, worn wood to complement the rest of the decor, you can find a wall panel that will match your style.

Warm Up Your Bedroom’s Style with Wood Wall Panels

Wood is so incredibly versatile that you can use it nearly anywhere. In the bedroom, wood makes a great way to add some character, interest, and warmth to the room, without taking up valuable floor space. Add some bedroom wall panels to your interior design and capture the warmth and beauty of real wood for your design.

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