Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | January 30, 2021

Hole in turquoise-painted drywall, from a doorknob
Accidents happen — and we have tips for what to do next! (©Ursula Page,

Homeownership comes with its share of surprises, but we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

For instance, maybe someone opened a door too close to the drywall and the spring door stopper failed — and now you have a hole. Or you discovered cracks in your tray ceiling and aren’t sure how to go about repairing them. You might be trying to find the source of a mysterious leak.

Maybe you want to know where to install your water softener, or how to reuse paint thinner. Or, you just can’t decide if you want to restore your old tile patio or replace it.

We’re here to help you figure out the easiest and most efficient ways to tackle these projects, and many more! Listen to this week’s radio show for advice.

  • [5:05] Feedback about the squirrel picnic table
  • [6:47] The saga of Danny’s new driveway gate…not a happy tale
  • [16:12] Can you keep your water softener upstairs if your well, water heater and the rest of your plumbing are down in the basement?
  • [20:08] Tips for resurfacing concrete
  • [28:20] Best New Product: EcoSmart Antique Edison Clear Glass LED Bulb
  • [30:02] What you should know when replacing your air conditioners
  • [34:42]Easy and effective shower cleaning product
  • [39:27] Should you restore or replace an old tile patio?
  • [49:16] Using baby-wipe tubs as containers in the workshop
  • [50:59] The importance of having carbon monoxide detectors in our homes
  • [57:42] Tips for fixing cracks in a tray ceiling
  • [1:09:25] Danny and Joe remember the late, great Hank Aaron, a favorite son of Mobile, Alabama
  • [1:10:48] The best way to drill through porcelain tile
  • [1:15:47] Easy way to remove stains in the bathroom
  • [1:22:15] The best way to get rid of a mole problem
  • [1:24:44] Danny and Joe discuss home remedies / DIY solutions for around the house…but try not to spill the curry!
  • [1:26:15] Can bricks “leak”?
  • [1:33:16] What causes nail pops, and what is the best way to fix them?
  • [1:37:54] How to patch old holes left from a doorknob
  • [1:43:05] How to reuse paint thinner / mineral spirits
  • [1:45:25] Danny encourages people to go see what’s available at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores

Best New Product

Eco Smart's Antique Edison LED Bulb, as seen in a product photo, at left, and inside an exterior light fixture, at right.This Edison LED light bulb balances the best of both worlds — old and new! Here’s how it saves energy without sacrificing style. Learn more>>

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