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Eco Smart's Antique Edison Light Bulb, as seen in a product photo, at left, and inside an exterior light fixture, at right.
Eco Smart’s Antique Edison LED light bulb balances the best of both worlds — old and new.

The Edison Electric Light Company produced carbon-filament bulbs at the turn of the 20th century that have since made a resurgence.

These light bulbs — with easily recognizable internal windings — now appear in every kind of home, from mid-century modern to modern, and everything in between.

But there’s a dilemma for both designers and homeowners who want this look.

Recreating a Vintage Look: The Dilemma

Edison light bulbs — made from carbon or tungsten filaments — have a vintage charm and look great in fixtures. But they aren’t the most energy-efficient lighting sources.

On the other hand, LED lights are the most energy-efficient and long-lasting option for most household fixtures. But LEDs look too high tech for traditional light fixtures with exposed bulbs.

Fortunately, you can now benefit from the best of both worlds — old and new — saving energy without sacrificing style.

Eco Smart’s Solution to the Edison Light Bulb

Eco Smart’s Antique Edison LED light bulb is a great solution. It’s made of clear glass rather than plastic, produces a soft white color temperature, and it uses the equivalent of 75 watts of energy.

In addition, its vintage shape makes it a stylish replacement for traditional bulbs — with all the benefits of LED technology. That means you get the same light output with 90% less energy usage and as much as 15,000 hours of life. 

Eco Smart’s Antique Edison LED light bulb is also dimmable, so it will work with any fixture or lamp in your home, all while looking really cool!

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