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About Coty

Coty Perry is a lawn and garden writer for Today’s Homeowner. He focuses on providing homeowners with actionable tips that relate to the “Average Joe” who is looking to achieve a healthier and greener lawn.

When he isn’t writing he can almost always be found coaching youth football or on some trail in Pennsylvania in search of the next greatest fishing hole.

Coty’s Background

Coty is a lawn and garden expert with years of field experience and writing experience. He spent four years working as a site Supervisor for a local lawn care company in Scranton, PA.

Upon leaving that job he picked up a knack for writing which sparked a pretty successful freelance writing career.

Coty loves writing about lawn and garden, home improvement, DIY hacks, and environmental sustainability. He’s been featured on a few podcasts related to his passion for sustainability and care for our environment.

He’s also been featured in over 10 outdoor, travel, and fishing publications. Coty owns his home outside Scranton, PA, with his wife, two kids, and two cats.

Content by Coty Perry