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Homeowner Danette Richards has lived in her 1927 bungalow for over 20 years. While the house has plenty of curb appeal, the kitchen hasn’t been updated since before she moved in and is in need of a new look.

We started by removing the old countertops and sink, along with the damaged cabinets around the stove.

Kitchen before budget makeover.

New custom cabinets for the wall around the stove were joined together and leveled before being attached to the wall.

Kitchen Cabinet Update

The old cabinets were cleaned to remove any grease and grime, and the mounting holes from the old hardware filled with two-part auto body filler. An orbital sander was then used to smooth the cabinets and dull the gloss on the old finish so the new paint will adhere.

To dress up the plain plywood cabinet doors, molding was mitered and applied to the face using construction adhesive and brad nails. Watch our video on Applying Molding to Cabinet Doors to find out how.

The cabinets were spray painted (Glidden DUO, GLC24 Muslin White) with a Wagner FLEXiO 590 sprayer. This high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayer produces less overspray than standard air compressor sprayers.

For best coverage when spraying, make slow, consistent passes over the surface you’re painting with each pass overlapping by about 50%.

Installing new kitchen cabinet over stove.

Watch our video on Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets and read our article on How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets to find out more.

New hinges were installed on the freshly painted cabinet doors using a gauge block to mark the location so the hinges are consistently spaced. When hanging cabinet doors, make sure they are even and square with the cabinets.

Watch Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to find out more.

Kitchen Countertops

After the walls had been painted (Glidden DUO, GLC32, White Sage), the new Formica plastic laminate countertops (Santa Cecilia Gold, 3452-46), stainless sink, and Moen Walden pullout faucet (Model# 87045MSRS) were installed.

Titebond PROvantage construction adhesive was used to secure the countertops to the cabinets and backsplash to the wall.

New plastic laminate kitchen countertop, sink, and faucet.

Watch How to Install Plastic Laminate Countertops and Removing and Installing Plastic Laminate Countertops to find out more.

Range Hood

A new Broan under cabinet mounted range hood (model# QP330WW) was installed above the stove and vented outside through the roof.

Kitchen after budget makeover with refinished cabinets and new countertops.
New kitchen range hood.

The quiet, four-speed blower on the range hood can move up to 450 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM), while built-in heat and light sensors can turn the fan and lights on as needed.

Half curtains for the kitchen windows were assembled using heat activated adhesive tape which requires no sewing.

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