4 Ways to Bring Warm Colors to a Cold Kitchen

Warm kitchen
Luxurious curtains add texture and warmth to a kitchen.

Nothing’s more inviting than a warm, functional kitchen. But if people in your home avoid this room, a few simple changes can make the space more welcoming.

Colors stir different feelings in people, and there are many ways to bring warmth and comfort to your kitchen through color.

Here are some examples.

Danny Painting
Looking for interior paint? Check for labels that show “low” or “zero” Volatile Organic Compounds.

1. Paint the walls

Color schemes play off of each other and tie a room together, so choose a color that will enhance other colors in the room.

Certain colors invite specific emotions in people — for instance, blue is calming and makes us feel centered; yellow can be energy boosting; and white feels clean and neat — but they also can affect people physically.

For instance, warm colors such as yellow, orange and red can raise your body’s temperature.

So, paint the walls to match the mood you want for the room.

Kitchen with sustainable floor
Eco-friendly flooring comes in a variety of stylish options.

2. Update the flooring

Replacing drab, faded linoleum flooring with natural sandstone can bring new life to an old kitchen. Sandstone warms a room with its hues of brown, yellow, gold and red.

Other flooring options include ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate. When choosing flooring to enhance your kitchen’s atmosphere, consider each type’s pros and cons.

Read, “Types of Flooring for a Kitchen Renovation” for more information.


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