Bath Basics: Family Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom with white painted vanity and tile wood-look floor.
Greenwood bathroom after makeover.

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Renovating the bathroom that Stephanie and Pat Greenwood’s four children share had been on their to-do list from the day they bought their home over 11 years ago.

We helped to make it a reality by replacing the vinyl flooring and shower surround, installing a new vanity top and faucets, and replacing the toilet and light fixtures.

Bathroom Prep Work

The whole Greenwood family pitched in and helped by stripping the old wallpaper, and removing the tub surround and vanity top.

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Greenwood family stripping wallpaper.
Greenwood family stripping wallpaper.

After any holes in the walls had been patched, joint compound and drywall tape were used to repair the wallboard. The joint compound was sanded smooth and the sanding dust removed.

The walls were painted with Sherwin-Williams Emerald interior acrylic latex wall paint (pavestone gray color).

Tile tub surround with glass tile accents.
New tile tub surround.

Tub Surround Prep

The first step in installing the new tile tub surround involved cutting and screwing 1/2″ cement backerboard to the wall studs around the tub.

The seams in the backerboard were covered with self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape, then coated with tile mortar and allowed to dry.

The final step in the tub surround prep was rolling on a coat of RedGard waterproofing membrane made by Custom Building Products.

Tub Surround and Floor Tile

The floor and tub surround were tiled with Captiva 12” x 24” Sterling tile. In addition the tub surround was accented with mosaic glass tile (Red Stick 5/8” x 5/8”).

After the tile had been installed, a rubber float was used to apply Fusion Pro grout (#386 Oyster Gray) to the seams. This professional grade grout is stain resistant and doesn’t require sealing.

Moen Darcy brushed nickel two-handle sink faucet.
Moen Darcy brushed nickel two-handle sink faucet.

Bathroom Vanity and Top

The doors and drawers on the existing vanity were removed and holes for the new hidden hinges drilled. After the vanity had been primed, the holes left by the old hinges were filled with auto body filler and sanded smooth.

The new cultured marble dual-sink top was installed on the existing vanity with Moen Darcy brushed nickel faucets (model 84551SRN). A Darcy single-handle faucet (model 82550SRN) was installed on the tub.

Watch How to Install a Bathroom Vanity to find out more.

Toilet Installation

New toilet in remodeled bathroom.
New Optum VorMax toilet.

After the water to the toilet had been turned off, the toilet was flushed to drain the tank and the water in the bowl removed by pouring a bucket of water in the bowl.

Next, the water line was disconnected from the toilet bowl and the flange bolts holding the toilet to the floor removed.

A new Optum VorMax toilet (Model # 707AA101.020) from American Standard, which uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush and has an antimicrobial surface and jet flushing action, was installed in place of the old toilet.

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Light Fixture

The new dual, three-bulb, antique nickel light fixtures over the vanity from Quoizel (model TY8603AN) give just the right amount of light in the room.

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Other Tips from This Episode

Caulking behind toilet using flexible tube nozzle.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Caulk Gun Flexible Tube Nozzle

To make it easy to caulk in hard to reach spots, such as behind a toilet, attach a piece of 1/4″ I.D. (inside diameter) clear flexible tubing over the end of the caulking tube nozzle. Use a 1/4″ diameter wood dowel to clean the caulking out of the tube when you’re finished. (Watch Video)

Toilet in bathroom.

Best New Products with Jodi Marks:
Optum VorMax Toilet

The bowl on the Optum VorMax toilet from American Standard has an antimicrobial surface and jet flushing action to clean the bowl thoroughly with each flush. It also features a 17” comfort height, slow close seat, and lifting tab. The Optum VorMax toilet is available at The Home Depot. (Watch Video)

Replacing bath vent fan.

Ask Danny Lipford:
Replacing a Bathroom Vent Fan

Replacing an old bathroom vent fan isn’t that difficult if you choose the right replacement. The EZFit fan from NuTone (model EZ80N) can be completely installed from the bathroom without ever having to go into the attic. The EZFit fan is also more powerful and much quieter than typical fans. (Watch Video)


  1. There was a wood filler used on the cabinet to fill the screw wholes on the vanity. Could you tell me what the name if the product was and if it would work to fill small cracks in a door panel

    Thank you for helping with my remodel


    • Tracy,
      We mixed up auto body filler (often known by the brand name Bondo) to fill the hinge holes in the cabinet. It’s available at auto supply stores. It could be used to fill cracks as well. It sets very hard in just a few minutes, so you need to work quickly. Once it sets, you can sand it smooth with the surface.

  2. Some bad advice was given. You should never caulk a toilet because you need to be able to see when a toilet is leaking. The leaking water/ sewage must go somewhere. If it is caulked then the sewage will do more damage to you flooring, subfloor, and the ceiling of the room below before you find out you have a problem.


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