How to Replace the Hardware on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Using a cordless drill to attach cabinet handles.
Using a cordless drill to attach cabinet handles.

Replacing the hardware on your cabinets is an inexpensive, easy to do DIY project that can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen. Here’s how to go about it:

    1. Remove one of the cabinet doors, and unscrew the hinges and handle.
    1. Take a handle and hinge with you to the home center to match the size, hinge overlay, and screw spacing with the new hardware.
    1. Use a screwdriver or a cordless drill driver to remove the existing hardware from the cabinet doors and drawers.
    1. Screw the new hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers.
  1. Rehang the cabinet doors by screwing the hinges to the cabinet frames.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. This video is very helpful. I am trying to figure out if there is a good guide/ video on hinges. What is inset/ offset/ overlay etc? I am looking online to buy hinges and I am confused as to which type of hinge I need. Do you have any suggestions or links? Thank you,

  2. My mom has two drawers in her kitchen that have like a press board material that are erroding and we cannot slide the drawers back and forth, it almost looks like cork, would swe have to get new ones or could the sides of the drawers be replace so the bottom will stay in place

  3. I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets and replace the old hinges that had been painted over many times before. 20 years ago my father advised, “Don’t take off those hinges!” Now I know why. After multiple trips to the hardware and home stores I found hinges the right size and shape. I removed the doors and hinges, painted the doors, one coat, and replaced the hinges. When I re-hung the doors one out of eight fit.! All the pairs of doors that met in the middle overlapped. Each door would close and fit the latch individually. On one pair of doors I measured the overlap, .5 cm, and moved the hinges that amount. Now neither door will close. Even one of the single hanging doors will not close.

    I considered planing off the inside edges of the doors but am afraid to try it. Could I use a Dremel tool to trim out the places where the hinges attach? Help!


  4. After repainting my kitchen and throwing away the outdated hardware I now can not find hardware to fit. My handles are 3 1/4 inch center to center. I hate to drill new holes on newly painted cabinets but may have to. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Becky! It sounds like the only option is to take those measurements to your local home center and ask for recommendations. The good news is there are some stylish options to help refresh your kitchen cabinets.
      Good luck. 🙂


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