Customizing a Family Kitchen

Whit and Andrea Qualls’ kitchen now has a pop of color, trash storage that’s “hidden in plain sight,” and much needed ventilation.

When your house doesn’t meet your family’s needs, it’s time to customize your space.

Seven years ago, Whit and Andrea Qualls bought this home as newlyweds, then they had three children and recognized some problems.

The Problem Areas

This half-wall at the home’s entry is awkward and unnecessary. It’s got to go!

Upon entry, guests are abruptly greeted with a half-wall and a column. It serves as a backstage for the girls who like to perform shows, but Mom and Dad still want to see it gone to open up some space.

Whit and Andrea’s refrigerator is too big for this space. The family can barely open the door because it’s so close to the island. So we’re going to move the island.

The couple are also concerned about the refrigerator — it’s too big for the space and too close to the island.
When Andrea opens the door, the two almost touch! There’s no room for someone to pass between the refrigerator and the island, so we’re going to move the island, and Chelsea wants to paint it too.

This room needs more ventilation than an over-the-range microwave can provide.

The range isn’t properly vented — that’s often the case with over-the-range microwaves — so we’re going to install a range hood that vents through the roof, and move the microwave.

Those are the problem areas. Now let’s work on these projects!


  1. Hi, I enjoy your show. but… you often talk /move too quickly when showing a product you are using. You used a quick patch before putting the new pieces of flooring down (where the pole was)
    What was is called ?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, Kim!
      That was SpeedFinish patching and finishing compound from Custom Building Products.
      Thanks for watching. 🙂

  2. Been in our home for 43 years and need back yard fixed up. Have watch your show for some time here in Colorado Springs. Always wander how you pick your helper up. At 83 we need help.

    • Hi, Bob!
      Today’s Homeowner usually tapes within 100 miles of Mobile, Alabama.
      However, throughout the year, we have contests that allow homeowners across the country the chance to receive a visit from the show.
      Follow us on Facebook (, where we post announcements and qualifications for those contests.
      You never know where we’ll end up — just depends on who wins our next contest! 🙂


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