MasterShield Gutter Guard Review (2023 Costs, Products & Services)

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When your gutters clog, water can flow freely around your home and damage its foundation or cause insect infestations. To protect your home’s guttering from damaging clogs caused by leaves and other debris, consider a gutter guard system from MasterShield Gutter Protection.

The company offers its proprietary gutter guard to help filter leaves, pine needles and other debris, and the system has a variety of unique features, including a customizable design and built-in drip solution. To learn more about a quality gutter guard system from MasterShield and determine if it’s the best gutter guard for you, read our review on the provider’s services, costs and customer perception.

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MasterShield Gutter Overview

MasterShield Gutter Protection was introduced in 2005 under the distributor Microfiltration Gutter Protection (MGP), the passion project of the inventor Alex Higginbotham. The company incorporates a number of industry-leading features, offering systems with gap-free technology, heating capabilities and installation that doesn’t void your roof’s warranty. Additionally, MasterShield’s innovative gutter guard includes self-cleaning features that naturally remove roof oils.

Offers free quotes online or by phoneDoesn’t provide a centralized list of locations online
Uses a stainless-steel micro-mesh screens infused with self-cleaning copper wireDIY installation is unavailable for its typical gutter guard system
Comes in more than 10 different colors

MasterShield Gutter Services

MasterShield installs two types of gutter guards. The first is a copper-and-stainless-steel gutter guard system that filters even the smallest debris, keeping your gutters free from clogs. The second is a similar system that incorporates heat to help customers in colder climates protect their home from freezing gutters and icicles.

Product Details

Here’s a closer look at the unique features of a gutter cover from MasterShield:

  • Pitched design—MasterShield gutter guards can be installed to match the pitch of your roof, shedding falling debris while taking in water runoff. Additionally, this pitched design helps reduce ice buildup during the winter months.
  • Self-cleaning micro-mesh—The company uses stainless-steel micro-mesh gutter guards that have copper strips throughout, which attack oils and organisms on contact to help keep your gutters clean.
  • HydroVortex technology—MasterShield’s gutter guard systems incorporate this technology, which siphons rainwater into your gutters despite the system’s angled design.
  • Ice Shield technology—MasterShield offers heated gutter guard technology, which uses self-regulating or constant wattage cables to prevent ice dams from forming around your gutters.
  • Interlocking panels—The company installs sections of 4-foot interlocking panels to mitigate the risk of damaging contractions or expansions as a result of temperature changes.
  • Drip edge—MasterShield incorporates technology that forces water to drip from the edge of your gutters instead of the seams. This helps protect the inside of your gutters from water damage.
  • Eco-friendly—The company uses 95% recycled aluminum and 30% recycled stainless steel to help reduce its carbon footprint.

It’s important to note that MasterShield protects its gutter guard system with a clog warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Should your system clog, this lifetime guarantee covers the cost of replacement or refunds you the cost of your system. Additionally, if the clog causes damage to your home, MasterShield will refund your insurance deductible up to $1,500.


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MasterShield Gutter Costs

Like many gutter guard companies, MasterShield doesn’t disclose pricing information online. This is due to a number of factors that influence a system’s price, such as your gutter’s linear footage and shape of your roof. However, the provider’s website notes that the average cost of gutter guards ranges from $1.20 to $10 per linear foot. This doesn’t include the cost of repairing damaged gutters or additional add-on features.

To start your free gutter inspection and estimate from MasterShield, call 877-381-4535.

MasterShield Gutter Reviews

MasterShield Gutter Protection isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but holds an A rating from the organization. Here is a sample review left about the company on the BBB:

I had new gutters, downspouts and MasterShield Gutter Protection installed on my home on May 7 of this year. We had several storms come through yesterday and MasterShield performed beautifully! I’m very pleased.

 Debbie L. via BBB on May 28, 2021

MasterShield Gutter Installation Process

MasterShield’s gutter guard system must match the pitch of your roof and install properly under your roof’s bottom row of shingles to prevent unnecessary damages or leaks. As such, MasterShield requires certified dealers to handle installation.

Here’s a quick look at the three-step process:

  1. Request an estimate—To get started, request a free estimate from a MasterShield representative online or by phone at 877-381-4535.
  2. On-site assessment—A certified MasterShield dealer will evaluate your roof’s shape and pitch and measure your gutter’s linear footage to calculate your personalized gutter guard quote.
  3. Installation—A certified team member will prepare your gutters for its new system and install your gutter guards. MasterShield doesn’t detail how long this process takes on its website, though many competitors complete installation within a day or two.

Final Thoughts: Are MasterShield Gutter Guards Worth It?

MasterShield is a great option for homes that experience heavy rainfall and other inclement weather during the winter. The company’s patented gutter guard system has a simple, yet efficient pitched design that siphons water while wicking away leaves, twigs and other debris. Additionally, MasterShield offers heated gutters to melt snow and ice that can damage your home’s guttering.

FAQ: MasterShield Gutter Guards Review

Do gutter guards cause problems?

They shouldn’t. Many homeowners are concerned that gutter guards may void their roof’s warranty. However, MasterShield claims that its shingle-safe installation is backed by four of the nation’s largest roof shingle manufacturers and won’t damage your roof.

Can bees and other insects enter my gutter guard system?

No. MasterShield and its dealers offer a bird-and-bee nest guarantee, claiming that only water should be able to enter your gutters.

Are there any roofs or gutters that a MasterShield gutter system doesn’t work on?

MasterShield’s gutter protection system works on most gutters, including K-style, ogee, half-rounds, internal and Yankee gutters. The company doesn’t recommend installation on roofs with rubber membranes or metal roofs with inadequate snow guards.

What colors do MasterShield gutter guards come in?

MasterShield offers its system in 14 colors to match your home’s exterior, including blue, dark gray, black and copper.

Does MasterShield install new gutters?

Yes. In addition to offering gutter guard systems, the company sells and installs new gutters if your current ones need to be replaced.


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