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May 16, 2023

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    3 Day Blinds was founded in 1978 in Irvine, Calif., and now operates locally owned locations in more than 30 states. What began as a window blinds manufacturer and installer has expanded to offer a range of window treatments, shades, blinds, mechanized windows, and more. Clients who book with 3 Day Blinds have access to a professional design consultant; regardless of your window-treatment needs, 3 Day Blinds’ customer care team will be with you from start to finish.

    We recommend the providers listed below for a range of window installation and maintenance needs. Each has wide availability and can offer personalized care for your upcoming window renovation.

    Pros and Cons of 3 Day Blinds


    • Custom window treatments and other design features are available.
    • Free in-home design consultations given by local window pros
    • Lifetime limited warranty offered for all products


    • Costlier than many other window-treatment providers
    • Custom products may have a long manufacturing process

    Our Take on 3 Day Blinds

    3 Day Blinds enjoys a reputation as one of the most recognizable custom window treatment manufacturers in the business. It has more than four decades in the industry, and its products have proven to be high-quality and, in some cases, worth the price.

    All customers can expect attention from a local window installer and salesperson when they book through 3 Day Blinds. These representatives keep up to date on prevailing trends in the area and can offer recommendations that will fit the style of your existing home while giving it a fresh look. Of course, functionality is also a core concern of these window-treatment experts, and this shows in the recommendations sales reps make to clients.

    Concerns over cost were prevalent in customer reviews. Many clients reported high-ball pricing estimates, which they sometimes said they could negotiate down. This practice by any business often means that sales representatives plan for customers to negotiate. Failure to do so could lead to overpaying.

    We encourage you to shop around before settling on a single window-treatment option throughout your house. Especially if you don’t plan on purchasing installation services from 3 Day Blinds, you should consider all possible options. This could include purchasing your window treatments from a big box retailer in your area, like Home Depot.

    What Does 3 Day Blinds Cost?

    Cost is the single most prevalent sticking point in customer reviews. 3 Day Blinds does not publish cost data on its website. However, pricing quotes are highly flexible, depending on region, materials required, the number of windows to be covered, and other factors.

    The price of the company’s products is high across the board and seems to fluctuate dramatically. One Yelp reviewer mentioned being quoted an initial cost of $11,000, with the price quickly dropping to $4,500 after some negotiation. The customer then went to a big-box hardware store and purchased high-quality window treatments for a fraction of the price. This could vary depending on your location, so it may be worth getting an in-person consultation from 3 Day Blinds, regardless of your plans.

    What Window Treatments Do 3 Day Blinds Offer?

    3 Day Blinds offers a wide range of window coverings and treatments for residential use. This provider can install customized coverings, including new blinds and motorized shades, if you’ve just installed new windows.


    A customized blinds from 3 Day Blinds
    Image Credit: Courtesy of 3 Day Blinds

    3 Day Blinds’ in-house manufacturing department can craft the following products to fit any window size.

    • Faux wood blinds: If you’re looking for a naturalistic style of window treatment, faux wood could be the way to go. This option is ideal for higher-moisture areas in your home, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. 3 Day Blinds’ faux wood blinds come in 34 different sizes and finish options and can be custom-fit to any window.
    • Mini metal blinds: This company’s mini metal blinds may be the right option for added control over the lighting in a given space. You’re assured of quality, with nearly 20 different finishes made from rust-proof aluminum.
    • Vertical blinds: This option is ideal for large plate-glass doors, particularly patio or sliding glass doors leading into a backyard. With this window-treatment company, you’ll be able to find a finish that fits your existing interior design features, as 3 Day Blinds’ vertical blinds come in more than 100 different colors and sizes.
    • Vinyl blinds: 3 Day Blinds’ vinyl offerings are made in many of the same color schemes and finish options as its metal blinds are. These are ideal for high-moisture areas in your home.
    • Wood blinds: For the most natural or rustic look, 3 Day Blinds’ wood blinds come in 18 different finishes, with two different width options available.


    A customized draper panels from 3 Day Blinds
    Image credit: Courtesy of 3 Day Blinds

    3 Day Blinds offers hundreds of different fabric thicknesses, textures, and colors, as well as various closure options. You’ll have plenty of choices, from fully motorized drapery for full-length windows to three-panel manual closures for conventional pocket windows.

    We recommend the following providers if you’re looking into window replacements, maintenance, or improvements. Each has been rated for quality and customer care and can provide quality assistance to you.


    Soft Roman Slider from 3 Day Blinds
    Image credit: Courtesy of 3 Day Blinds

    3 Day Blinds’ custom shades are made to order and come in the following options:

    • Cellular shades: These shades can be made to fit any window size. As a bonus, these come with cordless closure options, which makes them safe for homes with children or small pets. With cellular shades, you’ll also be able to increase the amount of light entering your home without completely giving up privacy.
    • Roller shades: Standard roller shades from 3 Day Blinds are available in varied colors and patterns. You’ll be able to purchase different options, from sheer to blackout shades, with motorized closure options.
    • Roman shades: Roman shades are among the most customizable options from 3 Day Blinds. With more than 150 fabrics and designs and easy opening and closure systems, you’ll be able to order these to fit your home interior.
    • Woven wood shades: This option is a great way to add a natural accent to a room. With backings of varied thicknesses available, you’ll be able to tailor your light requirements exactly to the space you’re ordering for. These shades are ideal for living rooms and media rooms.


    Shutter Slider from 3 Day Blinds
    Image credit: Courtesy of 3 Day Blinds

    3 Day Blinds’ custom shutters are made from varied materials, including hardwood and vinyl. They come in various finishes, and motorized closure options are available. This window treatment is a great choice for rooms where a more natural tone is needed, and the plentiful customization possibilities make it an easy fit for most homes.

    How To Order 3 Day Blinds Products

    Any homeowner’s shopping process with 3 Day Blinds will begin with a phone call to its 24/7 customer service line or the completion of a contact form on the website.

    Once you’ve done this, a local representative will contact you and arrange a free visit to your home to take measurements of your windows and recommend window-treatment options, including material and design suggestions.

    At this point, you’ll be given the option to book and pay for your window treatment. Once you pay, you’ll get an invoice number, which you can use to check the status of your order on the company’s website.

    3 Day Blinds Installation Process

    3 Day Blinds offers professional installation for all its products, although DIY installation is usually an option. Going this route will greatly cut down on your final price. However, depending on the product, this could affect warranty terms. You’ll have to consult your representative to learn if this is the case.

    3 Day Blinds Customer Reviews

    3 Day Blinds has a great reputation among homeowners. Professional sales reps, quality customer support, and offerings that include custom blinds, shades, and other treatments make it a top option among those looking to augment their windows. It carries an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with more than 9,000 reviews as of November 2022.

    Worth noting is this company’s poor user score on Better Business Bureau, which is currently 1.13 out of 5. While customer complaints for many home service providers tend to coalesce around one or two review platforms, this may be worth looking into. Poor experiences with this company often stem from reported shoddy customer service and difficulty contacting company representatives.

    Positive Reviews of 3 Day Blinds

    Here’s what actual customers had to say about their experiences with this provider:

    “This was the second time I’ve used 3 Day Blinds. I’ve used them at 2 different properties in 2 different states, and both experiences were very positive. Service was professional, quick, and attentive. Lastly, both their contracted installers were punctual, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend!” —MMart via Trustpilot

    “Love the shades. Price tag way too high for a senior on limited income. Would have appreciated a senior discount. People I spoke with on the phone were very nice. Would have full stars if the first person that helped me choose responded to my phone call and email. All in all I am satisfied.” —Dianne via Trustpilot

    Negative Reviews of 3 Day Blinds

    A recurring theme in negative reviews is the high price of 3 Day Blinds’ product lines relative to the competition. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly window replacement or upgrade option, you may be better served by going to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or another similar big-box store. Other reviews mention long lead times for certain projects.

    “Highly discourage using this company – be aware of canceled orders, employee negligence and still being charged in full. I am a 3-time repeat customer who has referred multiple people to my salesperson. I ordered blinds from her again in March and was told it might take longer than usual due to COVID and that my latest install date would be May 27th. They charged my credit card in full in late March on the date I ordered. I called in late May as I hadn’t heard anything (usually installer calls to set up a date). I was told by “customer care” that an employee (who is no longer with the company) failed to confirm some information about my order back when it was placed and it was cancelled – but I was still charged in full!! They proceeded to say they would process my order now – and it would take a few weeks and refused to provide a new install date. I’ve been asking for escalation to a manager and updated the install date for over a week now with no success. I have no idea when I’ll get my order after paying in full over two months ago. Buy elsewhere!” —Tara via Yelp

    3 Day Blinds Availability by Location

    3 Day Blinds has locally owned and operated locations in 24 states, with a full-sized showroom in Chicago. You’ll be able to get a virtual consultation if you live in the following areas:

    3 Day Blinds availability

    New JerseyNew YorkOhio
    PennsylvaniaRhode IslandTexas
    Washington, D.C.

    How Does 3 Day Blinds Compare to the Competition?

    BrandManufactures Window Treatments In-HouseNumber of Window Treatment Brands OfferedStates CoveredBBB Rating*
    3 Day BlindsYesIts own proprietary brand24A
    Blinds.comYes6 major brands, including LEVOLOR, Bali, Coolaroo, along with its own window treatments50A+

    * Better Business Bureau Ratings are accurate as of December 2022.

    Final Thoughts: Is 3 Day Blinds Worth it?

    We think 3 Day Blinds’ product quality deservedly ranks among the best in the industry. However, customer reviews routinely cite high pricing as a drawback to the company’s products. That said, this company does offer free in-person consultation services. We recommend getting a quote from 3 Day Blinds and using the information you receive to guide your shopping process. The products offered and the accompanying availability and qualified sales reps make this a solid option if you have the budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions About 3 Day Blinds

    Where are 3 Day Blinds products made?

    Most of the product lines offered by 3 Day Blinds are manufactured in its in-house factory, located near its headquarters in Irvine, Calif.

    Does 3 Day Blinds offer fair pricing?

    The single most common sticking point in customer reviews and with customer complaints seems to be 3 Day Blinds’ high price points. You will receive customized care but at a higher cost than many other window professionals charge. However, if you opt for service from this company, you could be approved for 0% financing, which would ease the payment process.

    Is 3 Day Blinds a reputable company?

    3 Day Blinds carries an A rating with BBB and garners good ratings in many areas it services. It has a high number of customer complaints on its BBB page and a low user score, which could make customers think twice about going with this provider. High pricing and spotty customer service overall are two complaints that consistently show up in these negative reviews.

    Do I have to purchase the professional installation from 3 Day Blinds?

    You don’t have to pay for professional labor services or assistance when you purchase window treatments through this provider. However, depending on the type of treatment you ultimately go with, choosing to self-install could affect your product warranty. Ask your customer service representative if warranty terms will change after DIY installation of any products supplied.

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