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May 10, 2023

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    Gutter Guards America, LLC was founded in 2019 and is now one of the Carolinas’ most prominent gutter guard companies. This provider’s reach is somewhat limited, but its six current locations have all garnered praise and high marks for customer service. With an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and numerous five-star reviews on Trustpilot and other platforms, homeowners should feel secure in their choice to go with this multi-state gutter guard service. Read on to learn more about the following:

    • Gutter Guards America’s reputation
    • What this gutter guard company offers
    • How much your gutter guards should cost with this company

    Our Expert Take on Gutter Guards America

    First and foremost, the product that Gutter Guards America provides is one of the better options for preventing clogged gutters. As a vendor of Valor Gutter Guards, they take great care throughout the installation process. From a one-hour inspection of your home to creating an itemized plan for any fascia or gutter repairs, through installation, the experts at Gutter Guards America will provide quality care.

    This company has received largely positive feedback to this point in its brief history. With an average of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot through 140-plus reviews, it has thoroughly earned recognition as one of the best gutter guard companies in the Carolinas and beyond. Negative reviews report minor damage to other areas of the home, as well as construction debris being left behind, but such feedback is relatively rare.

    Gutter Guards America Product Specs

    Gutter Guards America installs Valor brand gutter guards. These guards employ a raised-screen system to separate debris from water flowing into your gutters. This raised pattern helps to ensure that debris will roll off your gutters rather than pile up. If you have five- or six-inch gutters already, then having these installed should be a viable option for roofs of almost any pitch.

    The following components make up any gutter guard you receive from Gutter Guards America:

    • Rigid aluminum frame, including rigid wings that fit over the edges of your gutters
    • Louvered underlying support, which ensures that your screen won’t bend
    • A surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh screen that filters out all debris

    Gutter Guards America Pros and Cons


    • Raised screen pattern makes for enhanced water flow and debris separation
    • Provides seamless k-style gutters along with gutter guard installation if needed
    • Offers 0% financing


    • Difficult to book for clients in more rural areas
    • Doesn’t list much in the way of base pricing information on its site

    Gutter Guards America: The Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard

    Gutter Guards America advertises that it provides the number one gutter guard in the U.S. While this may be a somewhat subjective designation, the reviews seem to back this claim up. The Valor brand gutter guards they offer succeed in keeping gutters clog-free. They’re rated to prevent the following from entering your gutters:

    • Leaves
    • Small sticks and branches
    • Pine needles
    • Shingle grit
    • Pests
    • And more

     Gutter Guard Design

    These gutter guards are sturdily-built and come with a lifetime transferrable warranty. The following components are professionally installed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

     Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Screen

    The surgical-grade stainless steel screen is the centerpiece of Gutter Guards America and Valor’s product. The patented raised-S structures lend a little more structural integrity to the screen itself while effectively separating water and debris. This makes for efficient waterflow into your gutters and downspouts in any condition.

     Solid Aluminum Base

    The substrate for these guards is an underlying louvered aluminum frame. The stainless steel micro-mesh is too flimsy for heavy debris on its own, and this provides it with the needed support to stand up to extreme conditions.

    Aluminum wings border your micro-mesh guard and secure directly to your gutters, creating a secure seal that only allows water through.

    Gutter Guards America: The Installation Process

    Gutter Guards America’s still-local teams enable it to provide direct inspections and installation assistance. When you book a consultation with this gutter protection expert, they will send a qualified technician to your home to inspect your gutter system and render a final estimate.

    Whether you only need a few leaks repaired, have water damage to your fascia, or need an entirely new system, they can give you a reasonable pricing figure.

    Contact them via the estimate portal on their website or through their phone number at 1-800-292-4951.

     Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter Guards America does not offer this as a standalone service. However, if your gutters have no protection and have large debris or other build-up inside them, your installation team will conduct a full-scale cleaning before mounting and securing gutter guards.

    Gutter Sealant Application

    For minor leaks, your gutter guard pros will inspect your entire gutter system. If no full-scale replacement is needed, they will seal up any leaks with tri polymer caulk. This sealant will expand and contract with changing temperatures and should improve your gutter system as a whole.

     Seamless Gutter Installation

    If you require it, the professionals at Gutter Guard America are qualified to install high-quality k-style seamless gutters. Seamless aluminum gutters are among the best available and are always cut and measured on-site to ensure optimal fit on your home.

    Gutter Guard Installation

    Once all other associated maintenance is complete, your gutter guards will be installed using the components outlined above. Gutter Guards America prides itself on only using aluminum and stainless steel components. For durability’s sake, you’ll never be given plastic or vinyl gutter guards or components when you book with this company.

    Gutter Guards America Cost

    Cost data was difficult to come by for this provider. It is new in the industry, and reviews seldom mention hard pricing figures. However, given the average cost of Valor Gutter Guards themselves, and average rates for associated labor, we were able to gather some average cost estimates here. Customer reviews report fair pricing and a willingness on the part of this company’s salespeople to negotiate, so you won’t have to overpay for this brand of protection.

    Gutter Guard Cost

    Valor Gutter Guards Average Cost Per FootGutter Guard Labor Costs Per FootTypical Home Gutter Profile (Linear Feet)Total Expected Cost
    $7.50 – $10.00$2 – $4100 – 200 feet$950 – $2,800

    Seamless K-Style Aluminum Gutter Cost

    You can reference our gutter installation cost guide for more information, but you can expect aluminum k-style gutters to cost between $1,400 and $7,000 with any installer.

    Discounts and Deals

    • Financing: If you can’t pay the full price up-front, all gutter guard and gutter purchases are eligible for 0% financing. Given the cost of overall home improvements, this financing option is very popular among this provider’s customers.
    • Discount: Gutter Guards America offers 10% discounts to both military personnel and senior citizens. To see whether you could benefit from any similar reduced pricing programs, you should schedule your no-obligation consultation today.

    Gutter Guards America’s Lifetime Warranty

    All Gutter Guards America gutter components come with a lifetime transferable warranty. You’re 100% covered against any clogs or associated damage as a result of your gutter guards failing to work. However rare this occurrence may be, your guards are guaranteed for the life of your home, with no replacement or maintenance costs under this warranty.

    Service Area & Locations

    Gutter Guards America serves five states through six different locations. You can get new gutters or quality gutter guards if you’re near the following areas:

    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Raleigh, North Carolina
    • Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Greenville, South Carolina
    • Dallas, Texas

    Gutter Guards America Reviews

    Customer reviews are key resources when planning out any home renovation or purchasing any home service. If you’re looking into having a company’s technicians come to your residence to conduct any upgrade, you should be sure of the quality of the labor your provider can offer. Google, Yelp, BBB, Trustpilot, and social media are all trustworthy platforms where you can find testimonials.

    Gutter Guards America is particularly well-regarded in the gutter guard space within its service area. In a relatively short time, it has garnered a great deal of positive customer feedback relating to pricing, quality workmanship, and the quality of the gutter guard systems themselves.

     This recent review from John is fairly typical when dealing with this company:

    “On 9/9/2022, I had Gutter Guard installed on my house. The gentlemen who installed it were very professional and diligent installing the product. It rained all day on 9/10/2022 and everything is working great. I’m relieved to know that I no longer have to climb a ladder and clean my gutters. Great product and exceptional service.”

    Edward’s experience showed Gutter Guards America’s willingness to return and correct any mistakes made on a job:

    “Very pleased with the installation process. The crew worked quickly & efficiently. They left the site clean with no debris, loose screws, etc. There was a minor issue w/ one of the downspouts but the crew returned & addressed it. Great job.”

     The Good

    Gutter Guards America’s comprehensive service profile and quality product make it an easy choice for gutter guards within the service areas we listed. Their claims of effectiveness seem to hold true, and installation teams routinely live up to their positive reputation.

     The Bad

    Much like its nationwide competitor LeafFilter, customers are able to negotiate a bit on price. Some clients were a bit turned off by this, as discounts readily given during the negotiation process could be seen as a cover for up-front price inflation. However, if you are prepared with hard cost data when going into a gutter guard estimate, you might be able to secure a better rate for your service.

    Key Takeaways: Does Gutter Guards America Work?

    Gutter Guards America largely delivers on its claim of providing one of the best gutter guards available today. Not only is its patented design — by way of Valor Gutter Guards — weather-tested and proven, but its installation teams repeatedly show themselves to be among the best gutter technicians in their respective operating areas. Efficient labor and a quality product make for positive experiences for Gutter Guards America clients in all of its locations.

    If you’re looking for alternatives to this company, our overall top pick is LeafFilter, a well-known national brand with long experience in the industry. For more information on our top choice, read our detailed review and breakdown of LeafFilter’s offerings.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Guards America

    How much do gutter guards cost to install?

    Your primary determining factor for gutter guard cost is going to be whether you opt for DIY or professional installation. Most homes average between 150 and 200 linear feet of gutters and gutter guards. Average costs range anywhere from $25 per linear foot for professionally installed guards to $2 or $3 per foot for DIY options. Given this, costs can range from $300 to $5,000 and up, depending on home location, gutter guard type, home size, and roof pitch.

    What are the disadvantages of gutter guards?

    Most gutter covers or guards are not maintenance-free, as some homeowners may think. You’ll still have to conduct semi-regular cleanings to ensure the proper function of your system. Also worth considering is the type of debris your gutters will be subjected to, versus the types of gutter guards you plan on installing. If yours is a steep-pitched shingle roof with plenty of pollinating trees in the vicinity, then a mesh or screen gutter guard will not be adequate to prevent clogs.

    Will Gutter Guards America clean my gutters?

    Gutter Guards America conducts thorough cleaning and leak repairs on all existing gutters and downspouts prior to installing guards. Its brand of gutter guards can fit all five- or six-inch gutters.

    Does Gutter Guards America install gutters?

    Yes. If you should require it, Gutter Guards America will install seamless aluminum gutters along with your gutter guards. All services rendered will be built into the single bottom-line price you pay.

    How many gutter guards does Gutter Guards America Offer?

    Gutter Guards America provides a single raised-screen micro-mesh gutter guard, which is cut to fit all five- and six-inch gutter systems.

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