Historic Concrete Home & Raised Bed Gardening | Ep. 13

On this week’s podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:

• We talk about how helpful it can be to have a raised garden bed and how to properly place it in your yard.
• A homeowner with a historic concrete home needs advice on how to paint it.

• A common frustration happens when using a screwdriver in such a tight spot you can’t get a hold of the screw. Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you get a grip in those tight spaces.

Podcast Question of the Week:

Mark in Pennsylvania says, “Hey Danny, I was on your website looking for lawn care advice and I saw an article on dethatching grass. How important is dethatching? I’m not looking for another chore to do.”

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  1. First time listening to your podcast and I really enjoyed it. The tips were very helpful and look forward to listening to future podcasts.


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